Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am so pleased to share this with all of my readers.  A while back you may remember that I talked about Arbonne, an amazing skincare, health and wellness company that I became a part of a few months ago.  Arbonne has been around for 30 years and they the most results driven, pure, safe and beneficial products I've ever tried.   The business end of Arbonne is beyond stellar and the products speak for themself...and Vogue agrees:

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I cannot express how excited I am to be part of this company! To me, anti-aging and preventative aging is so very important.  I've always been told by Aunts, Grandma's and my own mother to 'take care of your skin now'...so that it looks great when I'm older, and I DO! Arbonne carries not only the most renowned anti-aging products out there but a WIDE variety of other products like cosmetics, vitamins, weight management, self tanners, sunscreen, baby products, men's, teen and so much more!

If anyone is interested in trying Arbonne products, getting some free samples or learning more - please feel free to contact me any time.  Leave me a comment with your email.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Desperately Seeking Romper

Ah the coveted romper...a look I have yet to perform...a look I find hard to master.  I've seen ladies all ova the place rockin these cute little 2-fer-ones and I just cannot seem to find one for moi.  At the mall last weekend, I saw this super sexy yet very basic romper on a fellow shopper - it was black, short sleeved button down to the waist, belted and cuffed shorts.  It was FAB and ever since then I have been on the desperate man hunt for this exact romper.  I should have just approached the damn woman and asked her where she got it...but I didn't...and now I'm stuck.

I've been shopstylin', polyvorin' and googling the bejesus out of every combination of verbage imaginable to come up with this piece and have been totally unsuccessful.  So I'm reachin out to the blogosphere and hoping that someone can aid my search! I know so many of you are absolutely terrific at finding pieces on the fly. 

This Alexander McQueen all in one shorts piece is on the money what I'm looking for...

And to entice you all to help...special little beauty product prize for the one who brings me my treasure!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Give 'em Somethin to Talk About

Yeah, I know...the song is only about 15 years old...but singing it in my head actually makes me a go a bit sassy...who knows?

I am finding it quite hard to accomplish everything I have in tow...between working real estate, Arbonne, my 9-5er, motherhood and wifey-ness...blogging has just taken a back seat and when I say back seat I mean 14 passenger van back seat...sorry

I quite possibly could be the last soul on the planet to NOT have internet at home (gasp)...we just felt it was unnecessary.  My husband doesn't really surf the web and since I have access more than 8 hours a day at work I just didn't see spending the $40-$60 extra per month to have something we wouldn't quite use that much. But, the time has come - we cleaned out our entire attic (which is actually finished, carpeted, heated, A/C, etc.) and turned it into our home office/booger's painting studio.  It actually looks quite nice and I plan to snap some pics this week after I finish hanging some pictures.  Obviously, you cannot have a home office without internet access.  So basically what I'm spewing here is that my blogging will definitely become more frequent in the near future.

Back to post title...the adorable Nicole from Coley's Closet Cravings gave me something to talk about today.  She's got a FAB-U-LOUS giveaway going on right now.  You can click HERE to check out the article.  She does product reviews, Cheap Thrills, Cubicle to Cocktails and WTF Friday's...she has a great sense of fashion and a fun to read style of writing.

So go check her out...and hopefully I'll win the giveaway.  Although I NEVER win anything...seriously, ever.  I enter all sorts of giveaways; on blogs, at the nail salon, my local pizza parlor, wedding shows, you name it and it just doesn't happen.  So we shall see.

that's all for now...xoxo