Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok, so I definitely realize I'm probably the WORST blogger...ever! Well, maybe I'm being overly dramatic but I haven't posted for 2 weeks and that's just downright unacceptable.  So I apologize to all my adoring fans who have been clutched to K's Conspiracy for the last 14 days begging Jesus for a reason why, just why I haven't been enlightening you!

On to bigger, better and way more important things...last night I caught Sex and the City 2 after sipping delish martini's with 2 of my fav gals and I must say...I'm disappointed!  Really, I am.  Don't get me wrong, the movie was good...but just real drama, which was the disappointing part.  And of course, I won't sit here and spoil the movie for those who haven't caught it yet but...remember the first movie? Who could forget especially when you watch it on average 2 times weekly Big leaving Carrie at the alter, Steve cheating on Miranda, Charlotte finally conceiving and Samantha leaving Smith...that was drama and we all loved it mucho.  Numero Dos my friends, contains WAYYYYY less drama. 

HOWWWever, the fashion was beyond dramatic...the shoes, the gowns, the hats - oh my!! It made it worth it, that's for sure.  I do love me some sparkly Louboutins

This was also a favorite of mine from the movie...I love the easy breezy-ness of this dress and the color is a hit

There was a gorgeous green gown that Carrie so easily wore as she lounged around watching TV with Big (really?) but I cannot seem to find a picture of it anywhere. 

Of course, we all have seen the one shoulder poncho dress by Halston Heritage...I would love to have, duh.

And on to something that just made my day...If these shoes don't scream fabulous I don't know what does...because my friends, these are friggin HOTT and if the man upstairs really liked me, these shoes and this dress would be delivered to me via UPS or FedEx (I'm not picky)...

Last, but certainly not least, I saw these beauties on the footsies of a fellow fab blogger (Life Love and the Pursuit of Shoes) and me likey! Deets are soon to follow she says and I'm dying to know patiently waiting for those

I hope everyone has an AWESOME Memorial Day is promising (well here in Jerz) and there's nothing better than a long weekend in the sun ;)

Enjoy. xoxo

Friday, May 14, 2010

How Well Do You Know What You're Wearing?

Well Happy Friday folks; like you, I am so glad this week is over...I have so much planned for this weekend and I cannot WAIT to get started on all of it.  I have a very dear friend's baby shower tomorrow and then another friend's bridal shower on Sunday.

So today's topic is a mix between health and beauty...How well do you know what you're wearing? How well do you know the ingredients that are used in products you slather all over your hands, face, body, hair and even your own children?

I ask this because I was recently 'schooled' on an ingredient in nearly 97% of cosmetic products out there today...that ingredient is Mineral Oil. 

For those of you who do not know what mineral oil is, it is the by-product in the distillation of petroleum to create gasoline and other patroleum based products from crude oil.  It is of relatively low value and it is produced in massive quantities. 

The oil refineries often sell mineral oil to cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies because it is CHEAPER for them to sell it than it is to dispose of it in an environmentally safe way!  --- this statement right here just blows my mind.  So its perfectly ok, basically, to put the stuff all over my body but its not ok to just throw it away? Hmmm...this is where I became intensely intrigued.

Go to your bathroom right now and read the back of the products that you use most...most meaning, those you use on a daily basis...I'd be willing to bet that if not all, then at least half of your products contain mineral oil.  And if not, good for you, you're on the right track.  Mineral oil may be hard to find on your labels, however, because it goes by hundreds of different names

The next MAJA factor that killed me on this mineral oil schooling that I got:
John Hopkins University...a highly accredited research university in Baltimore, MD (I know you've all heard of it)
Well JHU named mineral oil in cosmetics the SECOND (yes #2) leading cause of aging.  The first being direct exposure to sun.  Well, considering that 99.9% of sunscreens out there contain mineral oil...looks like a double whammy come beach time.  Looks like its a double whammy every time you walk out of your house with whatever makeup, primer, moisturizing products you use that contain mineral oil...and I don't know about you, but aging is something I want to steer as F A R R R R R R R away from as possible!

Mineral oil is popular with manufacturers because it is inexpensive and makes skin smoother and softer to the touch and more attractive to the eye. Unfortunately, the damage that is being caused behind the scenes makes it an undesirable ingredient in any skin care product.

I have done my own research on mineral oil and I'm not gonna lie, there are conflicting reports (of course, as is with anything)...but to me, if it can't be proven safe why use it at all?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh so cute.

There is this darling woman who is the HI-larious author of a great fashion (and sometimes recipes) blog called Chloe's Conspiracy.  Most of you bloggers know miss Chloe and her fabulous blog and if you're smart you know about her spin off blog 'See Chloe Shop' where she warehouses tons of useful knowledge aka sale alerts and coupon codes!! Me likey.

Well, in celebration of her great new blog, Chloe is giving away a $100 gift card to ShopBop and for those of you who do not know ShopBop...know it now because they're effin awesome. Here are just a few ahmazing pieces from Shop Bop that I would love to pick up courtesy of See Chloe Shop

So click HERE to get all the details and enter for the $100 gift card

Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Manday to all my lovely followers.  I hope that all my mama readers had a wonderful day yesterday, I know I did. 

I received blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit...although not in bed, on the couch - which is equally as good because frankly, I wouldn't eat in my bed. 

I was then treated with a mini-shopping spree which turned out to be a jackpot day of quick shopping with my own mother.  In about 2 hours, I turned out some realllly cute stuff.  Went home with a pair of sandals, wedges, 5 dresses, 1 belt, 2 tops and a pair of shorts -- all for $250!!! I'll do IRL pictures when I wear them.  Unfortunately its a bit chilly today in Jersey and I couldn't wear any of my new spring/summer stuff. 

Me and mama then topped off the afternoon with a fabulous pedicure which we both were in desperate need of and came home to a feast of lemon/dill fish and king crab legs -- way to go hubbs ;)

...awfully, I further capped the night off with a DQ Brownie lovers blizzard cellulite special but hey, it was Mother's Day I deserved it.

How was your mother's day? What did you do for your mutha?

And of course, Manday.  Featuring the very late, great and handsome Heath Ledger:


Friday, May 7, 2010

Shop It to Me

Just the other day I saw this gorgeous Rachel Roy dress featured on The Look 4 Less style me saturday feature and I was in ultra grabby hands mode, I am a HUGE sucker for drape, jersey and asymetrics and this dress is all those yummy things in one delightful little cookie:

This dress retails for $109 on the Rachel Roy website

Today, my shop it to me sale alert featured this delish little cookie by DVF

Although, more expensive (even on sale) for $240 at Neiman Marcus

My dilemma...while I love the Rachel Roy version it appears to be very long - and you know that model is probably 5'10" which I am NOT...And the price difference between the Roy and the DVF is quite a chunk of change? Plus RR is offering free shipping on orders over $75 now through 5/31
I guess I just convinced myself of the right choice ;)

I recently bought some very cute shoes @ Piperlime as mentioned in post below and I'm so sad they didn't work out because they would be very cute with the dress above.  Although I am digging the modeled shoes big time. 
At first, cuffed sandals and heels turned me off in a big way but I've grown quite obsessed fond of them.  I'm picking up these for a mother's day gift to me-self
All from Urban Original a great little cheapy place to buy shoes  
Hubbs will more than likely make fun of these shoes...he's not really into anything I wear that's "out of the norm" he still laughs when I wear any type of 'bootie' so I'm sure he'll be lol'ing at these

I'm also in DESPERATE need of a new bag for the Spring...and I mean desperate!!! I've been rockin the same Dooney & Burke bag for what seems like centuries now and frankly, I'm sick of it.  I have a fabulous-o Fendi spy bag look-a-like as well but that's got to GO.  I realllllllly would <3 hubbs maja if he decided to bring home this purdy little kitten for me on Sunday:
But that, my dears, is HUGE dreamin at its finest considering that's a nearly $4000 bag.

Dear Hubbs, I will take this replica or THIS bag instead, thank you!

Well I hope all my fellow mama's have a great Mother's Day, you know you deserve it! And for everyone else, treat yo mama to something nice and enjoy your weekend as well.