Thursday, February 25, 2010


Quinoa (pronounced kwee-no) -- a fabulous nutritional grain, cereal like.  Nutritionally MUCH better than even brown rice.  It's protein content is unusually high (12-18%) and unlike rice it contains a very balanced set of essential amino acids for humans which again, makes it a complete protein source.  A great source of dietary fiber, gluten free and easy to digest.  To make quinoa, you have to first soak the grains in hot water for a good 5 minutes in order to remove the bitter outer coating called saponins after soaking you will drain all the water (using a mesh strainer if you have one as the grains are very small) you then cook to a rolling boil and once boiling, cover with a tight lid and let simmer for 15 minutes.  After same, take the pot off the heat (still covered) for 5 minutes, fluff with fork after and you're set. 

I had this with my dinner last night and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at both the taste and the texture.  Now, when I boiled it I substituted the water for chicken broth and there are TONS of tasty recipes online.  Try it.
This is what the uncooked quinoa looks like...similar to pastina if you've ever had that. 

I found THIS great recipe that I'm going to have for lunch today.

On to other news, SURPRISE its snowing again today! Shocker.  I mean, when is it going to stop already? I have 3 ready to pop pregnant friends and I don't believe that a blizzard is very good 'I'm on my way to the hospital' weather.  So enough already.

I'm taking a kickboxing class tonight at 5pm (will probably get my own butt kicked) but will let you know how it goes.  I cannot say enough how much I really loved that pilates class on abs are still burning! I know if I continue to take the class each week I'll definitely see an improvement.  I'm hoping they add a 2nd convenient class that I can take.  I've decided that Mon, Wed, Fri I'll do the 6am gym and Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll take a class at night.  Will keep you updated on my progress!

I know this post hasn't been tooo exciting but I just had to share my excitement for this new food as well as the fitness updates!  For my fashion and beauty segment today, I'm going to share my rant about Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft.  Let me start by saying this is one store I always looked at as an 'older' store - I always thought it was a store that women in their late 30's and early 40's shopped at to look somewhat cute and on trend.  I was a very sadly mistaken young girl when I thought this.  The oh-so-adorable Chloe at Chloe's Conspiracy has me HOOKED on Ann Taylor. 

However, my dears, I very quickly came to shocking revelation #1 - I cannot afford to shop at this store, not even on sale I mean, some stuff has ok prices, $39.99 isn't bad for a nice cardigan but $128 for a statement necklace or $88 for a shell? 
They just have the most adorable, feminine, gorgeous pieces of everything - they have very cute jewelry and their ruffly, flowery, girly colored tops are to die for.  Here is my "want list" of Ann Taylor items that if anyone really loved me lots would get for me!! btw my B-diddy is 12/31, my Anniversary is 7/25,  Christmas is ALWAYS 12/25 and Easter this year is 4/4...K thanks, xoxo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

C l u s t e r f r u c k

There are days when I log on to blogger and think "hmmm what shall I discuss today" then there are other days (today for example) that I log on and can't figure what it is that I'm going to discuss because I have SO much on my mind.  I'm a bit compulsive in the fact that if I blog it, then schedule it for another day I might not want to ever post it because I want it to come out right here, right now as I'm thinking it.  So this may be a   v  e  r  y   l o n g   post. 

First, I was greeted this morning with a rude, incompetent annoying man aka the service guy at my car dealership.  He's stupid and impossible.  The entire dealership sucks big you know what and I will never ever do business with them again - not to mention that I will spread the word like a plague so that no one I know will either.  Rant over.

I am one angry mama

Putting that nonsense by the way side,  I cannot say how FRICKIN EXCITED I bestie best best in the whole world is coming home to visit on Tuesday from her new temporary home in North Carolina; we're taking a trip to AC from Friday to Sunday and I took off work Thursday/Friday to cheeeel with her.  I can't wait, I haven't seen her since Christmas and miss her dearly; mind you we practically have been joined at the hip since we were 13 years old...this is a pictured scenario of what our weekend shall be like

Last night I took a pilates class and I must say it was AH-mazing...I've done pilates at home for about 4 or 5 weeks now and I certainly can see a difference in the toning and shape of my physique and it takes very little time to do so.  The thing with pilates is that its a TON of effort in a small amount of time, but that's allll me. I have limited time but am willing to work during my few moments.  I will continue the class regularly, no doubt.  And recommend any of you who want to shape and tone to take a class or pick up a video
(my fav is this one right here) which you can actually purchase, with the bands, for like $8!!!

I am definitely going to start focusing some of my posts of fitness, health & nutrition.  I have been very passionate about both of those issues for quite some time now and would like to share what I have learned and discovered.  I'm not saying I don't go off the deep end on a raging bing of chocolate of ice cream every once in a while, but for the most part I am dedicated and focused.  And bikini season is RIGHT around the corner ladies, believe it or not Memorial Day weekend is only 3 short months from we all need to get our arses in gear

And there's nothing like getting you motivated than seeing your favorite swimsuits in the flesh, literally.  I am a fan of the cut out one pieces because while sometimes I do have the balls to wear a 2 piece in the glory of my post baby :::cringe::: body I do prefer the one piece more and am very glad they made a stellar comeback more recently.  I'm definitely getting these 2 suits for summer.  Although hubbs will more than likely get rid of me if I buy one more bathingsuit (I must have at least 30)

Which do you piece cut outs, tankini, bikini, retro? what strikes your fancy?

Now that I've gone off on 3 separate tangents...let me regress back to the HFN (my new ackronym for health, fitness & nutrition)...I am doing well on my new, no-meat diet.  I actually feel really really great and I encourage any of you to try it out and see if you like it too.  I, personally, was encouraged by my dear friend Kori (who also doubled as my wedding planner at the time) who is now a vegan.  She briefed me on the industry standards for meat production which grossed me out terribly and told me to read the book "Skinny Bitch" which I ordered from Amazon yesterday.  So we'll see how that book goes. 

Separately, I must say that I have a much better appreciation of what goes into my body now in my 'older years' than I did when I was in my teen years and very early 20's.  I used to scarf down anything I could get my grubby little hands on and refused to basically eat any fish (besides shellfish), never ate beans or legumes of any kind and the only veggies I ever ate were the ones you could smother in ranch dressing; otherwise it was a no-go for me.  Now, I cannot get enough of raw (and cooked) vegetables, fish of every kind, beans, raw nuts, wheats and grains and steer clear of most things that are processed. I try not to eat anything that comes individually wrapped because 9 times out of 10 its probably not good for you. I've found that food tastes so much better when its fresh - from fish to vegetables and everything in between.  I also think that vegetables are one of those food items that you can mix a hodge podge of any of 'em and they taste incredible.

I'm really going on and on now so I will stop.  Comments, anyone?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Finds

Last week, I did a post where I mentioned a very gorgeous Carrie Bradshaw and her scalloped edge lace skirt as seen in SATC the Movie.  I have been trying to find the 'right combo' of color and lace and I think F21 did a pretty good job of combining the criteria I was coveting:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Now, I'm not afraid to say that I reach out to fellow bloggers for fashion advice.  There's no better inspiration.  I really haven't found a top nor do I believe one exists in my closet that would go well with this skirt but for the price, I'm going to purchase the skirt and then have someone help me figure the other part out (hello followers???)

Another great find was this pair of black skinny's (they don't look nearly as good on the model as they do in person) I purchased at Old Navy last week :::and while I thought I got a fantabulous deal at $19, they're only $12.99 online with $5 shipping so still less than what I paid::: nothing to lose? They fit great, they're stretchy, so similar to leggings but not as thin and unforgiving...I really like them a lot.  I picked mine up in a size 6.  I'm usually a size 4 at ON but unfortunately the holidays got the best of my thighs and I'm still bearing the reprocussions
Old Navy at ShopStyle

In addition, really really cute light and airy (silk) scarves are, as any fashionista knows, perfecto for the spring - its such a great way to add a pop of color or excitement to any otherwise bland outfit and if you're like me your closet is full of black, white and grey - so throw on any of these beauties and you're stylin and profilin.  Normally I would spend more than say, $15 on a scarf but think of it like buying a new top - you can revamp any existing plain shirt in your closet so its a worthwhile investment :::very chic as well:::

Lastly, I stumbled upon THIS etsy seller, Twillypop, who makes the most adorable necklaces ever.  I'm purchasing this little beauty in the very near future (a la Spring).  For handmade product, her prices are ver reasonable and I've seen celebs everywhere poppin up with these sort of necklaces on

Have Any Great Finds you want to share with me??? Would love to see or hear about them?

Holy Bejesus Whirlwind

10:31am and already a shit storm of stuff going on today! Well I didn't get up for the gym this morning folks...and not because I'm lazy but because it was rainy and snowy and since I don't have class tonight I decided I'm going to take a 6pm pilates class tonight instead :::Jaime you know you want to come with me::: I do mediocre pilates at home and while I'm certainly no expert I'm not afraid to try a new class but having a little moral support helps in case I look like a total arse who doesn't know how to do it, I'll have company :)

That being said, on to my shit storm (and let me preface by saying none of it is really earth stoppingly exciting but more like "holy cow that's a lot of shit for 1 hour") -- so first my boss tells me that our next project is going to be opening up a burger and mexican joint - okay, I'm in - I don't eat meat anymore but I like me a good roasted vegetable fajita so that works for me.  Then my doll of a friend, Dana told me she started a blog today - YAYYY!!! Here's her masterpiece Then my other friend Jaime (same girl who will be joining me for pilates tonight, rigth Jaim?) told me she got a fabulous new job that pays well and has lots of opportunity so that's great news for her (and me, because now I'll make her buy the drinks when we go out) other friend told me she just did very well on an interview last week and quite possibly has the job (way to go Nic)...and last but not least I had one hell of a good breakfast this morning! So I've had a great 9am-10:30am day thus far, woot woot.

Speaking of that same breakfast -- let me share because it was heavenly.  It was this:

with a small handful of these:

and about 2 tablespoons of this:

Not even joking - it was a party in my mouth, tasted like a heavenly dessert.  And for less than 150 calories and repeat with me now, ZERO GRAMS OF FAT!!!! and repeat this part too FIFTEEN GRAMS OF PROTEIN.
I   a m   s o   s m a r t ,   s - m - r - t

I am going to post later with some shopping, product reviews and other F&B lovin but just wanted to say hi real quick

Monday, February 22, 2010


I cannot pass up Manday's...ever, no matter how busy I may be.

Today's feature is the yummy Mr. Reggie Bush.  For those of you who live on another planet may not know him Mr. Bush is the New Orleans Saints Running Back who helped lead the team to their first ever Super Bowl victory just a  few weeks ago...He's got that very adorable baby face and his body, well that part is obvious.  So Happy Manday followers you're welcome.

It was very difficult to find pictures of him sans KK

Catchin up!

Yes followers, today is Manday...and men shall come (later)...but I couldn't post Fri-Sun because I was supa busy so I'm going to try and do a catch all post first.

Gym has been going great for me, I've managed to get my lazy arse out of bed each and every day between 5:30-5:45am and jog to the gym. I was planning on going to a 6:45am yoga class Saturday but my stupid BB alarm was set to weekdays only by mistake so I never woke up in time! Anywho, the whole shabazz has made me feel so much better and I can already see a difference (or maybe its wishful thinking).  On top of that, I have also decided to give up meat.  Its a choice I made not because I'm a huge PETA follower or anything of that nature but just because I think what is done to meat, between how it is processed and the massive amounts of un-natural substances that go into the animals is just wretched.  Now, I've never really been a huge red meat fan but always had my hands on chicken and turkey so giving those 2 up will definitely be a challenge.  Although I have decided to keep eating fish because I can't really figure out how I'd accumulate the appropriate amount of protein needed daily without it.  That being said, I'm about 6 days strong so far and I can honestly say I do feel a bit different...I don't feel bloated or over fed, ever - even if I eat a HUGE plate of veggies I still just feel satisfied at the end; whereas, when I was eating meat I felt like I could binge for days on plates of food.  So we'll see how it goes, I'm going to test the waters for about 30 days and if I see an improvement in anything - my physique, my health, etc. I will stick with it.  If I don't see any difference I will probably take chicken and turkey back and just kill off red meat for good.  I must say, though, we always buy organic chicken so that makes a huge difference.

Thursday night I had a fun shopping trip after work with my friend Jaime...she's one of those people you love to shop with because she never tries to be the 'voice of reason' she proudly cheers on your every purchase and willingly justifies, along with you, why you have to have the item you're looking at! Great shopping partner, check - Great person to help you keep on your budget, check  I picked up a couple very cute cardigans on Old Navy's clearance rack - ALL their winter stuff is on clearance for next to nothing, because they already have out all sandals, maxi dresses, capris, etc.  I couldn't really bring myself to buy Spring items yet because I have a hard time letting things just sit in my closet.  I also picked up a few more pairs of Vicky's new lacie's - which are the BEST underwear I've ever bought, hands down. ate on pair on Sunday::: and a very cute Chanel-ish scarf from H&M along with a black vest (which I have to exchange because its just a smidgen too small)

Friday we headed out for a fundraiser spaghetti dinner for my son's school.  I ate a stupid amount of dessert.  Oh well.

Saturday night, the hubbs and I got all purdy and headed out to a benefit dinner for my boss' foundation that I manage for him.  It was a very rewarding night for many organizations in my local community and I am proud to say I put a huge effort towards the fundraising efforts throughout the year, so to be "rewarded" with a nice dinner and cocktail party is great! I met a lot of really great people from my area who devote their lives to helping others.  it really takes a special person to do what a lot of those people do every day - putting their own lives aside for the good of others...I respect people like that a great deal and certainly try to do my part.  I can't really afford to do a lot of monetary donating so I try to spend as much actual time as possible lending a hand.
...oh and I finally had a place where I could wear my Manolo's - there's never anything fancy enough or worthwhile to break them out but I did at the dinner - and pretty much got a compliment from every single person so that was a plus :)

And then there's Sunday.  Besides the fact that I was violently ill all morning (because like I mentioned in a previous post...I just can't hang like I used to) I put my big girl panties on and tried my best to suck it up (which I did) and shoved out for a mini-mini baby shower for my dear friend Dana who's little lovely is set to pop out pretty soon! Can't wait :) Love little babies...especially girls.  Her clothes are to die for, she's going to be one well dressed infant!

Last but certainly not least at all....Sunday was the grand opening of the Shop Rite in my town.  Woot woot, I know what you're thinking - who gives a flying beeeeeep.  Well my dears, I DO!!! My boss is a big developer in my area and he owns the land that this particular shop rite was being built on (landlord-tenant) and it has been my job for the last 3.5 years to aid with the municipal, county and state governmental approvals to allow this massive grocery store to be operational.  We hit many snags along the way - being sued by a local competitor several times which cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of stop work orders so to see the doors finally open today was just AWESOME!!! And believe you me, that place was a freaking zoo yesterday I mean, you'd think these people hadn't been to a grocery store for 30 years the way they were consistently piling in for hours upon hours! It really is a very joyous time for my professional life

So I had a very eventful weekend.  Did you catch Keeping up with the Kardashians last night? or this past Monday which was part 1 of 2 of the seson finale?? I freaking love them and the show just keeps getting better and better. On last nights show Kourtney gave birth to her adorable little boy, Mason. (he was actually born back in December) "watching" her birth was just amazing - she was so calm and collected it was just unbelievable - her doctor even let her PULL HER OWN BABY OUT!!! it was so crazy I've never seen/heard anyone do that before, must have been such a surreal experience for her!  Oh and um, God - yeah Hi, its me Kristen...when I get pregnant again - can you please ensure that I look like this...thanks babe
For now, that's all

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What exactly makes a good parent?

Well I know this doesn't have much to do with fashion, beauty or product reviews but today, parenting has been reigning my mind.  I was flabbergasted yesterday by a comment made to me by a fellow mother (from my son's class) and made me think long and hard about my parenting skills and what it takes to be a good mother...or father.  Some of you know, that I have a gorgeous little 4 year old boy and while I don't talk much about him here (because I have a frantic paranoia about the internet and my child's involvement with any of it), he is beyond my number 1 priority, way beyond fashion or beauty :) I cannot hug and embrace that little germ bucket enough...when he wakes up in the morning I smother him with all the kisses my lips can tolerate.  He is genuinely the apple of my eye and I bask in every glorious moment of being his mother. 


I must add.  I'm really not the greatest mom.  I don't like to play cars or cops n robbers or really any little childrens games at all.  I'm not the type to get down on the floor and mess around and do all kinds of wacky shit.  But I genuinely love and care for my boy and would give him anything he wanted in less than a heartbeat.  I'm all about places like Chuck E. Cheese, the Little Gym, carnivals, fairs, events, etc. you name it - my son does it.  We even get up at 8am on Saturday mornings to be at Lowe's for kiddie workshops.  But I still always feel like I could be a 'better mom' or that I'm just not quite doing a good enough job.  Its one of those things that hangs on my shoulders like a creepy co-worker.   

So yesterday I was at my son's school for an hour helping the kids with V-day crafts at their Pajama party (it was postponed from last week due to snow) when the mother next to me says:

"you are such a good mom, you really are"
Me: "me? really? thanks"
Her: "No, I'm serious. I've seen you before; the way you handle your son and how you treat him, you're just such a great mother, I mean that"

Like I said above, I was flabbergasted...floored really.  I just couldn't believe someone thought that about ME! The woman who feels defeated by a toddler boy on a daily basis.  The woman who thinks that she can conquer the world, as long as it doesn't involve parenting.  Basically, the woman who feels she is the LEAST cut out for parenthood.  That is me, in a I see it, on my end.  I've been craving another baby for quite some time now but honestly, it scares the bejesus out of me - how could I possibly handle another one? I'm not even good at what I do, with one...but this, my friends, has somehow and some way solidified my parental status.  Not that it even matters for one second what someone else thinks of me (well, a stranger at least) or that, what other people think of my parenting should dictate my future baby makin plans...but for some reason that comment right there just made me feel like the million dolla was such a great feeling to hear that from someone. 

So it made me think deeper and deeper about what makes a good mother or father...and its not so much that you LOVE to play fireman or that you're the best at Wii...its that you genuinely love and care for your kids and ENSURE that they have the best that you can provide...that's morally, emotionally, physically and financially speaking.  And I absolutely do that.  So guess what...that mom was right...I am a good mom (and might I hubbs is the BEST Dad, hands down) Here's the munchkin and me:

Halloween 2009

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well that caught me off guard

Well hello Wednesday...again this morning early riser to the gym, feeling good - my legs are so sore though, I may have put too much weight when squatting.  Oh well, I'll stretch later to some pilates. 

Nonetheless, last night I headed out to the wonderful world of Wally to get a few things so while I was there I picked up a couple pairs of pants for the gym (because I can't stand spending good money on clothes I'm just going to sweat in and wear for 45 minutes) anywho, while I was browsing the 'activewear' section I realized that the wretched Miley Cyrus has a clothing line at walmart...I'm sure this is old news, but I'm not making a breaking story about the fact that she has the line but that she teamed up with the great Max Azria and the clothes are actually, dare I say it, very cute!! And let's not fail to mention that I got each of these shirts for THREE FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!! Yes, $3.00 that's right.  So even if they are on the poorer quality side (eh hem F21) they're so darn cheap who would even care (eh hem F21).  I was just floored that they were $3 and couldn't resist (so much for my vow yesterday to shop more strategically) but what the heck isn't strategic about 3 bucks?

I got this shirt in both purple and black (although its offered as well, in a teal-ish color and cream) and its very adorable in person - form fitting (c'monnn pilates) but cute :  


I got this sweater-y vest in black and in cream (it was also offered in grey) - they're oversized, like that 'boyfriend' look - I'm actually wearing the black today with a dark purple v-neck longsleeve and leggings with black pointy toe flats - its very cute and comfy!!

Then I picked up these 3 t-shirts with plans for the gym, but I actually kinda like the butterfly one to wear on the weekends. Excuse the picture the only one I could find was from Ebay.   I'm not a big graphic Tee fan but I am diggin 'em for lazy days

And last but not least, I picked up this little lovely for again, $3.00.  I also got a purple going out type shirt that I couldn't find a picture of anywhere.  Its very rocker-chic the front is plain, sleeveless and it has a drapey neck then the back is racerback but the whole back is held together by a zipper which you can choose to keep all the way closed or completely open...will go perfect with my new black booties ;)

So my dears, head to your nearest Wally World and get yo self some cute little Miley Cyrus stuffs.  I also noted that they had these black skinny pants that look like leggings but they have pockets and belt loops, they were very cute.  But I was in a bit of a rush and didn't feel like trying them on - they were only $11...I guess Walmart is making a (weak) attempt at trying to up their par to the much better (fashion wise) Tar-jay.  Fine with me. I'll flourish in their efforts.

Another unexpected, delightful find...I certainly know that I raved beyond belief about CoverGirl's Lash Blast mascara a couple weeks ago and I'm not gonna lie - the shit is great...but I found something that is BETTER..yes, friends much much better...Let me introduce L'oreal Extra Volume with Collagen (Keep in mind that with some mascaras the waterproof version may differ slightly from the non waterproof versions - I have only tried the non waterproof version in Blackest Black)
This stuff is incredible.  I am attempting to webcam myself here and show you just how magnificent it looks and I am totally aware of how ridiculous I must appear and that I am utterly terrible at taking pictures but you can pretty much see the feathery-ness, separation and NO clumping what-so-ever, also note the up flip on the outer corners that I usually could only create with single falsies:

You can purchase the mascara at any drugstore but for your convenience, here too
That's all for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy hump day :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Do You Shop?

Up at an even crisper, snowy 5:30am ~ had a protein power punch and jogged to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio coupled with back and bicep strenth training rounded out with abs.  Loving the feeling this early morning workout is giving me  Am super motivated now that I have bathingsuit plans come end of March!!!

On to more interesting information, I was inspired by Veronika at Veronika's Blushing to re-evaluate my shopping habits and strategies.

I am definitely one of those people who consider shopping a hobby and use it as a social event  as well.  Nothing like gathering up a few of my favorite bitches and headin to the mall or the outlets and there's really no therapy like retail therapy.

I find that I tend to purchase items based on their it discounted or just a great price, are they offering an additional umteenth percent off just because I use my store card, etc.  This creates a HUGE problem - a closet full of crap (well cute, crap) that you wear once or twice or never even at all...I have, at a minimum, 5 dresses that I've never wore once.  I have at least 10 pairs of shoes I can't even remember when I wore last and don't even get me started on the retarted amounts of basic t-shirts I own just because F21 sells them for $3.50 - not that the price of those shirts is breaking my budget, but I'm pretty sure I don't need 42 variations of the color pink in a basic T.  I could've bought a really cute cardigan from express for all those basic T's I never wear.

So, just like I've vowed to revamp my physique and workout routine I am now vowing to revamp my shopping strategy and habits.  I won't just buy something because its on sale or because I get a discount for using the store card, similar to how we now plan our meals a week in advance (which, might I add has worked wonders on our shopping budget and the healthiness of what we eat) I will plan my shopping trips in advance.  Lay out staple items I need for each season and figure out which items I can relive from last season with say, an accessory instead of replacing the item all together.

I really want to stock up on a variety of cardigans - I'm especially diggin the lace and ruffles that's been plastered all over every store window.  I want to pick up a scalloped edge lace skirt a la Carrie Bradshaw at Vogue offices in SATC the movie (terrible pic, but the only one I could find)

and definitely some breezy tops that can be coupled with said cardigans and then worn alone come summer time (see, I'm carrying my Spring items to Summer!) and from what I hear - peep toe booties, t-strap, bright suede and zippers will be the top shoe trends of Spring 2010 so I'mma pick me up some of those too...Something along the lines of these items:

...and tell me, what's your shopping strategy? Do you have one? Or are you a mindless shopper like me? How do you carry pieces through seasons without looking outdated?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Icon

With the smoldering looks of DB below, it made me think of fashion...What it is to me and why it is so important to some. For me, its just an outward expression of who I am. Polished and sophisticated with an unexpected twist of dare.  It's funny, because although that may seem a bit conceited to say, I truly feel that those few words kinda sum up who I am in my entirety.  At work, at home and at play.  I try to represent this description in my fashion, in my beauty (hair and makeup) and even with what I drink when I'm out  ...seriously, I think everyone can truly sum up who they are in their entirety with just a few short words, it just depends on whether or not you're confident enough to say them out loud.  And for those who know me, I'm not afraid to say just about anything. 

Soooo...before I go off on a complete and separate tangent, my focus in this post is about fashion icons.  Who do you look to for fashion or beauty inspiration? Who do you look at and say, wow that is just the eptiome of what I look to do (not be, because you should just be gravy with the person you are) but there's nothing wrong with a little admiration and inspiration. For me, my fashion icon is Victoria Beckham.  And my beauty icon is Kim Kardashian. 

Ms. Beckham, yes I covet your other half...but besides that I must uphold my love for your fashion sense and ability. The woman has said that she just doens't wear flats, she loves her heels and that's what she wears (this is so me) and I can bet you there are less than a handful of pictures out there of her wearing anything BUT killer stilettos. This is my first admiration.  Second, her look is so very polished and sophisticated (eh hem).  She doesn't take huge risks, which I wouldn't either but she pushes the envelope a bit here and bit there - she knows what works for her and she rolls with it...I just adore her style

Hello fierceness:
These are all items I would wear, any day.  Well if I had boat loads of cash, but I surely try to pull off the celebrity looks for less (all the time)...

Although I said I look to Kim K for beauty inspiration, her fashion sense as well is not too shabby at all.  She does a very good job of wearing what I feel is very normal.  You will never catch her in any haute couture pieces or anything 'right off the runway' she plays it simple yet very sexy.  But her hair, makeup and physique is what really gets my vote.  Here are some of her best looks

What or who is your inspiration? A celebrity, your best friend or maybe an actual designer like the late and very great McQueen? I'd love to know.

Off to my real estate class...very exciting.  Happy Manday night to all of you lovelies


Happy Manday

What a cheerful mood I am in today is the turn of a new leaf for Maria. I have vowed that I am whipping my fat arse back into shape and doing it full steam ahead.  As I rolled out of my warm bed this morning at a crisp 5:30am I got myself together, had a protein packed mini breakfast and jogged to the gym (don't give me too many kudos for that one as my gym is only about 4 blocks from my house - but hey, I did it).  I spent about 30 mins on the eliptical, did 20 mins of strength training and rounded it out with a good 10 minutos of abs.  I must say, I fell fabulous right now - getting up at that hour is no easy feat but its worth it.  I am refreshed and feeling lovely...I plan to do this Monday - Friday and then take a yoga class early on saturday mornings. I'll keep ya's updated on my progress :)  

And just like there's nothing better than the topping on an ice cream's the topping on today's post ~ Manday it is and we're focusing on an oh so pleasant Beck's. I can't resist him, really.'re welcome and enjoy your day