Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Icon

With the smoldering looks of DB below, it made me think of fashion...What it is to me and why it is so important to some. For me, its just an outward expression of who I am. Polished and sophisticated with an unexpected twist of dare.  It's funny, because although that may seem a bit conceited to say, I truly feel that those few words kinda sum up who I am in my entirety.  At work, at home and at play.  I try to represent this description in my fashion, in my beauty (hair and makeup) and even with what I drink when I'm out  ...seriously, I think everyone can truly sum up who they are in their entirety with just a few short words, it just depends on whether or not you're confident enough to say them out loud.  And for those who know me, I'm not afraid to say just about anything. 

Soooo...before I go off on a complete and separate tangent, my focus in this post is about fashion icons.  Who do you look to for fashion or beauty inspiration? Who do you look at and say, wow that is just the eptiome of what I look to do (not be, because you should just be gravy with the person you are) but there's nothing wrong with a little admiration and inspiration. For me, my fashion icon is Victoria Beckham.  And my beauty icon is Kim Kardashian. 

Ms. Beckham, yes I covet your other half...but besides that I must uphold my love for your fashion sense and ability. The woman has said that she just doens't wear flats, she loves her heels and that's what she wears (this is so me) and I can bet you there are less than a handful of pictures out there of her wearing anything BUT killer stilettos. This is my first admiration.  Second, her look is so very polished and sophisticated (eh hem).  She doesn't take huge risks, which I wouldn't either but she pushes the envelope a bit here and bit there - she knows what works for her and she rolls with it...I just adore her style

Hello fierceness:
These are all items I would wear, any day.  Well if I had boat loads of cash, but I surely try to pull off the celebrity looks for less (all the time)...

Although I said I look to Kim K for beauty inspiration, her fashion sense as well is not too shabby at all.  She does a very good job of wearing what I feel is very normal.  You will never catch her in any haute couture pieces or anything 'right off the runway' she plays it simple yet very sexy.  But her hair, makeup and physique is what really gets my vote.  Here are some of her best looks

What or who is your inspiration? A celebrity, your best friend or maybe an actual designer like the late and very great McQueen? I'd love to know.

Off to my real estate class...very exciting.  Happy Manday night to all of you lovelies


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