Thursday, February 4, 2010

Up and Coming...

Hey all (5 followers)...Happy Thirsty Thursday.  Considering there's only about a week or so until Valentine's Day I suppose I'll bring up the issue that I have with this holidy.  In my oh-so-humble opinion, the only good thing about the holiday is...

getting dressed up in frilly pinks. No, really - I'm not a fan of overrated holidays and occasions that make you go out and spend tons of money on bullshicky that usually costs 1/2 the price (I know, cynical much).  ALTHOUGH, I must say I don't mind the pre-fixe menus with booze that mosts restaurants tend to offer.  I hate roses and lord knows, I don't need chocolates right now so for me, if hubbs wouldn't mind purchasing a really cute outfit for me....the hopplah holiday may just become enjoyable :)

 :::hint, hint winky eye at hubbs, you know you'll get lot's of brownie points for this and I might even take over dish duty or animal clean up:::

La Regale at ShopStyle

I was FLOORED when I saw these Manolo knock offs for $80 that are very similar to the Carrie (Bradshaw) blue version she wore to her court house wedding with Big -- which, same exact shoe, I wore to my wedding this past July :) In all reality, I wouldn't spend $98 for that purple purse just because it's not practical but it was oh-so-darling with this outfit and I couldn't resist. Now, $3 earrings: that's right up a recessionista's alley and this Arden B. dress is just "so me" ($69 is NOT a bad price for this dress, especially from that store).  I'm really diggin nude fishnets and am getting a pair stat!

So tell me, what do YOU like or dislike about Valentine's Day and do you plan to do anything exciting, where anything special? Would love to hear about it

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