Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Finds

Last week, I did a post where I mentioned a very gorgeous Carrie Bradshaw and her scalloped edge lace skirt as seen in SATC the Movie.  I have been trying to find the 'right combo' of color and lace and I think F21 did a pretty good job of combining the criteria I was coveting:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Now, I'm not afraid to say that I reach out to fellow bloggers for fashion advice.  There's no better inspiration.  I really haven't found a top nor do I believe one exists in my closet that would go well with this skirt but for the price, I'm going to purchase the skirt and then have someone help me figure the other part out (hello followers???)

Another great find was this pair of black skinny's (they don't look nearly as good on the model as they do in person) I purchased at Old Navy last week :::and while I thought I got a fantabulous deal at $19, they're only $12.99 online with $5 shipping so still less than what I paid::: nothing to lose? They fit great, they're stretchy, so similar to leggings but not as thin and unforgiving...I really like them a lot.  I picked mine up in a size 6.  I'm usually a size 4 at ON but unfortunately the holidays got the best of my thighs and I'm still bearing the reprocussions
Old Navy at ShopStyle

In addition, really really cute light and airy (silk) scarves are, as any fashionista knows, perfecto for the spring - its such a great way to add a pop of color or excitement to any otherwise bland outfit and if you're like me your closet is full of black, white and grey - so throw on any of these beauties and you're stylin and profilin.  Normally I would spend more than say, $15 on a scarf but think of it like buying a new top - you can revamp any existing plain shirt in your closet so its a worthwhile investment :::very chic as well:::

Lastly, I stumbled upon THIS etsy seller, Twillypop, who makes the most adorable necklaces ever.  I'm purchasing this little beauty in the very near future (a la Spring).  For handmade product, her prices are ver reasonable and I've seen celebs everywhere poppin up with these sort of necklaces on

Have Any Great Finds you want to share with me??? Would love to see or hear about them?

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