Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Manday

What a cheerful mood I am in today is the turn of a new leaf for Maria. I have vowed that I am whipping my fat arse back into shape and doing it full steam ahead.  As I rolled out of my warm bed this morning at a crisp 5:30am I got myself together, had a protein packed mini breakfast and jogged to the gym (don't give me too many kudos for that one as my gym is only about 4 blocks from my house - but hey, I did it).  I spent about 30 mins on the eliptical, did 20 mins of strength training and rounded it out with a good 10 minutos of abs.  I must say, I fell fabulous right now - getting up at that hour is no easy feat but its worth it.  I am refreshed and feeling lovely...I plan to do this Monday - Friday and then take a yoga class early on saturday mornings. I'll keep ya's updated on my progress :)  

And just like there's nothing better than the topping on an ice cream's the topping on today's post ~ Manday it is and we're focusing on an oh so pleasant Beck's. I can't resist him, really.'re welcome and enjoy your day


  1. I'm lovin the lbd with the jewel on it, until I saw the price! But it's really just the jewel that makes it so great I think, so if an $11 item can turn an otherwise plain lbd into a glamorous one..I'm in! Thanks for the good fashion tips! (especially because I personally have to wear all black to work, this would be a perfect little accessory to add some life to an all black outfit!)

  2. I usually post more budget friendly "recessionista" items but I just loved the draping of dress #2 and the last dress was so VB that I couldn't resist (my personal fav of the 3) - small statement items, such as the pin, a belt or even a very dramatic headband can REALLY play up the plainer items you already have in your closet!