Tuesday, February 2, 2010

..let's not forget

The Grammy's...were friggin awesome on Sunday.  Of course, I loved the red carpet pre-show much better.  I absolutely adore Pink and her cutie little husband Carey...they looked stunning

That dress looks absolutely amazing on her ridiculous body and it is quite rare that we see Mr. Hart dressed up so that was a nice touch

...and if you watched, you definitely saw this young lady 60,000,000 times throughout the pre-show because she was flawless, Miss Lea Michelle

Um, helloooo, if there really is a God - this dress would be delivered to me today on my lunch break and tomorrow I'd wake up with legs like this as well

But thanks to the loveliness that is Miss Nicole @ Coley's Closet Cravings we can all sit pretty with a close call from Arden B for a not too shabby $78 --> click here to purchase
You know what makes me go argh...is Beyonce - she's beyond fabulous, she's got a great body, a great husband and the absolute BEST career ever, yet she wears shit like this.  Really, B, you're lucky you're not a Single Lady after wearing an atrosity such as

ew, girl, just ew

Besides that...I really don't have anyone else to comment on - Lady Gaga was of course, crazy and Fergie looked, well decent and Miley Cyrus just looked stupid (because she is) - and did she get braces because her teeth looked funny? ALTHOUGH, I must add, lastly that Mr. LL must have learned how to stop time because, c'mon does this man really look like he's 41 years old:


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