Monday, February 8, 2010


Now that Manday has made me feel better I think I can make some useful notations about myself to all 7 of you wonderful followers :)

---I definitely cannot hang like I used to.  Which means I probably shouldn't try to.  Drink way too much vodka that is. I should stick to my 1 glass of wine with dinner and bump it up to 2 glasses on a Saturday night.  Period.

Realization #2...I'm getting fat.  Not even kidding.  I don't know if it's hormones or what, but lately (and lately means since Christmas) I have just been eating like a heffer.  I crave things, I binge eat and I just feel yuck.  I have been a very strict eater for about 3 years now. I gained a disgusting 94 lbs. when I was preggo for my wonderful little boy and had a gross and unflattering battle losing it afterwards.  But when I did, I was so proud of myself, my hard work and dedication.  Not only did I lose the 94 lbs. I shed an additional 10 or so more and toned my physique like it had never been before.  I was very happy. 

When hubbs and I started dating, about 2 or 3 months in I just stopped going to the gym...I was too busy with him, ya know - dating and all that jazz and I was just content - we were in love (well maybe not at 2 months, but eventually) and I just let my gym routine fall by the way side.  I kept up my strict eating habits though so I didn't gain any weight, but I was quickly losing my toned physique I had worked so damn hard at.  I went back to the gym in the months preceeding the wedding but again, let it fall by the way side thereafter.  Its just effin ridiculous.  I'm not joking.  I just cannot get motivated, what so ever and on top of not going to the gym I find myself eating the worst foods more often than not.  I don't know why looking in the mirror wearing last year's swimsuit, gagging at my appearance and woefully putting the suit back in its box has not been enough, but wtf!!! My lovely partner in crime, Dona turned me on to this really great '10 minute solutions' pilates DVD that is actually 50 minutes total if you do the whole thing and I think its great and its definitely a start...but I need more motivation. 
Then, after reading Miss Veronika's blog this AM, I felt even worse about being such a fat bum because she is clearly VERY motivated and gets her arse to the gym ALL the time and is wearing a size, why can't I be back in a size 4 and be motivated?

When you feel good - you look good and you act just exuberate that in your entire outer appearance. From your hair and makeup to your desk at work

For example when you look and feel good your car doesn't look like this:

Your sink doesn't look like this:

And you don't look like this when trying to put on your favorite pants

And unfortunately, my friends, my car does look like that and if I didn't have a wonderful husband, my sink would look like that too and I'm exaggerating but I do feel like that woman above! So now that I'm done whining
Tell me - how do YOU get out of a rut? How do you get motivated and stay motivated?


  1. First of all your car better not look like that! I realized those pics werent actually yours after the third one! You're over exaggerating your weight! I'm sure you're just a few pounds off....suggestion, you love Kim K right? Well for me I'll put a pic of a Vicky's model by my mirror, or somewhere i'll see everyday when I wake up and make that my goal. Set something realistic for you obvi, but stick to it! Bikini season is right around the corner. Hang your cutest swimsuit in your nice new closet as the first thing you see and know that you will need to get into it very soon! You have a free gym membership, use it!!! (and please clean you car!)

  2. Oh motivation...the best recommendations I have are:
    -Post a mini monthly calendar in your bathroom, mark down which days you exercised (and the type/duration). I also weigh myself once per week and record it on this mini calendar. Hard to ignore results this way...
    -Set a fitness goal (5k etc.) and train with a buddy. This always works for me bc you are accountable to someone else!

    And I highly doubt you're getting fat :)