Monday, February 22, 2010


I cannot pass up Manday's...ever, no matter how busy I may be.

Today's feature is the yummy Mr. Reggie Bush.  For those of you who live on another planet may not know him Mr. Bush is the New Orleans Saints Running Back who helped lead the team to their first ever Super Bowl victory just a  few weeks ago...He's got that very adorable baby face and his body, well that part is obvious.  So Happy Manday followers you're welcome.

It was very difficult to find pictures of him sans KK


  1. he is my number 1!!! Terrell already knows that if I ever have the chance, he is my celebrity pass :) haha

  2. celebrity that! How many do we get though? lol

  3. haha- now that KK's got him again, she'll NEVA let him go! lol (I wouldn't either!)

  4. Yummy!!! I love Reggie! Featured him on my blog too! lol