Monday, February 22, 2010

Catchin up!

Yes followers, today is Manday...and men shall come (later)...but I couldn't post Fri-Sun because I was supa busy so I'm going to try and do a catch all post first.

Gym has been going great for me, I've managed to get my lazy arse out of bed each and every day between 5:30-5:45am and jog to the gym. I was planning on going to a 6:45am yoga class Saturday but my stupid BB alarm was set to weekdays only by mistake so I never woke up in time! Anywho, the whole shabazz has made me feel so much better and I can already see a difference (or maybe its wishful thinking).  On top of that, I have also decided to give up meat.  Its a choice I made not because I'm a huge PETA follower or anything of that nature but just because I think what is done to meat, between how it is processed and the massive amounts of un-natural substances that go into the animals is just wretched.  Now, I've never really been a huge red meat fan but always had my hands on chicken and turkey so giving those 2 up will definitely be a challenge.  Although I have decided to keep eating fish because I can't really figure out how I'd accumulate the appropriate amount of protein needed daily without it.  That being said, I'm about 6 days strong so far and I can honestly say I do feel a bit different...I don't feel bloated or over fed, ever - even if I eat a HUGE plate of veggies I still just feel satisfied at the end; whereas, when I was eating meat I felt like I could binge for days on plates of food.  So we'll see how it goes, I'm going to test the waters for about 30 days and if I see an improvement in anything - my physique, my health, etc. I will stick with it.  If I don't see any difference I will probably take chicken and turkey back and just kill off red meat for good.  I must say, though, we always buy organic chicken so that makes a huge difference.

Thursday night I had a fun shopping trip after work with my friend Jaime...she's one of those people you love to shop with because she never tries to be the 'voice of reason' she proudly cheers on your every purchase and willingly justifies, along with you, why you have to have the item you're looking at! Great shopping partner, check - Great person to help you keep on your budget, check  I picked up a couple very cute cardigans on Old Navy's clearance rack - ALL their winter stuff is on clearance for next to nothing, because they already have out all sandals, maxi dresses, capris, etc.  I couldn't really bring myself to buy Spring items yet because I have a hard time letting things just sit in my closet.  I also picked up a few more pairs of Vicky's new lacie's - which are the BEST underwear I've ever bought, hands down. ate on pair on Sunday::: and a very cute Chanel-ish scarf from H&M along with a black vest (which I have to exchange because its just a smidgen too small)

Friday we headed out for a fundraiser spaghetti dinner for my son's school.  I ate a stupid amount of dessert.  Oh well.

Saturday night, the hubbs and I got all purdy and headed out to a benefit dinner for my boss' foundation that I manage for him.  It was a very rewarding night for many organizations in my local community and I am proud to say I put a huge effort towards the fundraising efforts throughout the year, so to be "rewarded" with a nice dinner and cocktail party is great! I met a lot of really great people from my area who devote their lives to helping others.  it really takes a special person to do what a lot of those people do every day - putting their own lives aside for the good of others...I respect people like that a great deal and certainly try to do my part.  I can't really afford to do a lot of monetary donating so I try to spend as much actual time as possible lending a hand.
...oh and I finally had a place where I could wear my Manolo's - there's never anything fancy enough or worthwhile to break them out but I did at the dinner - and pretty much got a compliment from every single person so that was a plus :)

And then there's Sunday.  Besides the fact that I was violently ill all morning (because like I mentioned in a previous post...I just can't hang like I used to) I put my big girl panties on and tried my best to suck it up (which I did) and shoved out for a mini-mini baby shower for my dear friend Dana who's little lovely is set to pop out pretty soon! Can't wait :) Love little babies...especially girls.  Her clothes are to die for, she's going to be one well dressed infant!

Last but certainly not least at all....Sunday was the grand opening of the Shop Rite in my town.  Woot woot, I know what you're thinking - who gives a flying beeeeeep.  Well my dears, I DO!!! My boss is a big developer in my area and he owns the land that this particular shop rite was being built on (landlord-tenant) and it has been my job for the last 3.5 years to aid with the municipal, county and state governmental approvals to allow this massive grocery store to be operational.  We hit many snags along the way - being sued by a local competitor several times which cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of stop work orders so to see the doors finally open today was just AWESOME!!! And believe you me, that place was a freaking zoo yesterday I mean, you'd think these people hadn't been to a grocery store for 30 years the way they were consistently piling in for hours upon hours! It really is a very joyous time for my professional life

So I had a very eventful weekend.  Did you catch Keeping up with the Kardashians last night? or this past Monday which was part 1 of 2 of the seson finale?? I freaking love them and the show just keeps getting better and better. On last nights show Kourtney gave birth to her adorable little boy, Mason. (he was actually born back in December) "watching" her birth was just amazing - she was so calm and collected it was just unbelievable - her doctor even let her PULL HER OWN BABY OUT!!! it was so crazy I've never seen/heard anyone do that before, must have been such a surreal experience for her!  Oh and um, God - yeah Hi, its me Kristen...when I get pregnant again - can you please ensure that I look like this...thanks babe
For now, that's all


  1. Hey!.. I'm a pescatarian too, have been for almost 2 years (with the exception of a local and an organic turkey this past Thanksgiving)... I highly suggest reading Omnivore's Dilemma (if I haven't already told you, I know I wrote about it on my blog)... good luck with the diet and keep up the good work at the gym!

  2. Thanks miss...I do remember you mentioning that. I will pick up that book, so thanks!