Friday, February 5, 2010

*Dare to Wear *

Woot Woot, It's Friday

And Friday's, my lovely followers, will now be home to a little special I'm calling "Dare to Wear" ...You ever see someone rockin something that is so stylish or appealing and think to youself "I want that" but really you're not that ballsy to wear it? Maybe not, but that happens to moi, all the time.  So each and every Friday I'm going to showcase a piece or two or ten that I 'dare to wear'

And first up for grabs is Rompers!! They are ridiculously cute and I know many gals who wear them, I just feel like every time I try one on I look retarted, maybe its because I'm pear shaped or because the ones I've tried just don't fit right...who knows? I feel like petite chicks can pull this look off fabulously (eh hem, check out Chloe @ Chloe's Conspircy)...I also think that if you're going to wear a romper that is shorts rather than pants, you need to stick with a heel or wedge of some sort to avoid a stubby leg look? Unless of course you have gams like C. Diaz then that wouldn't be an issue

Either way, I will dare to wear a Romper in the very, very near future! Here are my throwdowns, one for casual (equipped with basic, neutral makeup and simple shoes) and another for a night out with the ladies (equipped with a nude lip but very daring lashes and killer heels)

And I came across this little lovely from Anthropologie...but what made it stand out to me was the fact that they say "its on sale" and scratch out the old price $100.00 but uh, the sale price $99.95 - so way to go Anthro you knocked off 5 cents? Hunny, that's not a sale :( 

What do YOU dare to wear? Let me know, I'd love to feature it - Do you rock rompers or want to? Got any tips for foolproofing the look?

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