Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well that caught me off guard

Well hello Wednesday...again this morning early riser to the gym, feeling good - my legs are so sore though, I may have put too much weight when squatting.  Oh well, I'll stretch later to some pilates. 

Nonetheless, last night I headed out to the wonderful world of Wally to get a few things so while I was there I picked up a couple pairs of pants for the gym (because I can't stand spending good money on clothes I'm just going to sweat in and wear for 45 minutes) anywho, while I was browsing the 'activewear' section I realized that the wretched Miley Cyrus has a clothing line at walmart...I'm sure this is old news, but I'm not making a breaking story about the fact that she has the line but that she teamed up with the great Max Azria and the clothes are actually, dare I say it, very cute!! And let's not fail to mention that I got each of these shirts for THREE FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!! Yes, $3.00 that's right.  So even if they are on the poorer quality side (eh hem F21) they're so darn cheap who would even care (eh hem F21).  I was just floored that they were $3 and couldn't resist (so much for my vow yesterday to shop more strategically) but what the heck isn't strategic about 3 bucks?

I got this shirt in both purple and black (although its offered as well, in a teal-ish color and cream) and its very adorable in person - form fitting (c'monnn pilates) but cute :  


I got this sweater-y vest in black and in cream (it was also offered in grey) - they're oversized, like that 'boyfriend' look - I'm actually wearing the black today with a dark purple v-neck longsleeve and leggings with black pointy toe flats - its very cute and comfy!!

Then I picked up these 3 t-shirts with plans for the gym, but I actually kinda like the butterfly one to wear on the weekends. Excuse the picture the only one I could find was from Ebay.   I'm not a big graphic Tee fan but I am diggin 'em for lazy days

And last but not least, I picked up this little lovely for again, $3.00.  I also got a purple going out type shirt that I couldn't find a picture of anywhere.  Its very rocker-chic the front is plain, sleeveless and it has a drapey neck then the back is racerback but the whole back is held together by a zipper which you can choose to keep all the way closed or completely open...will go perfect with my new black booties ;)

So my dears, head to your nearest Wally World and get yo self some cute little Miley Cyrus stuffs.  I also noted that they had these black skinny pants that look like leggings but they have pockets and belt loops, they were very cute.  But I was in a bit of a rush and didn't feel like trying them on - they were only $11...I guess Walmart is making a (weak) attempt at trying to up their par to the much better (fashion wise) Tar-jay.  Fine with me. I'll flourish in their efforts.

Another unexpected, delightful find...I certainly know that I raved beyond belief about CoverGirl's Lash Blast mascara a couple weeks ago and I'm not gonna lie - the shit is great...but I found something that is BETTER..yes, friends much much better...Let me introduce L'oreal Extra Volume with Collagen (Keep in mind that with some mascaras the waterproof version may differ slightly from the non waterproof versions - I have only tried the non waterproof version in Blackest Black)
This stuff is incredible.  I am attempting to webcam myself here and show you just how magnificent it looks and I am totally aware of how ridiculous I must appear and that I am utterly terrible at taking pictures but you can pretty much see the feathery-ness, separation and NO clumping what-so-ever, also note the up flip on the outer corners that I usually could only create with single falsies:

You can purchase the mascara at any drugstore but for your convenience, here too
That's all for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy hump day :)

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