Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Product Review: Lash Blast Mascara

First up for dibs is Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara - Waterproof which you can purchase at CVS here for about $9

I bought this mascara about a month ago and figured I'd use it every day to give a useful review.  This mascara works WONDERSSSS!!!!!!!! Not even kidding, get your arse up and go buy it, like right now.

Let me preface by say I have tried every single mascara known to man: from the $30/tube Dior Show to the crapola N.Y.C brand and Mary Kay and everything in between...I've tried the motion wand, the double end, the priming, lengthening, stiletto, full n soft, blah blah blah - ALL of them...and not mention every curler known to man as well.

Yet, I can say that this little lovely above puts them ALL to shame :) It gives a full effect like no other and curls beyond belief.  There isn't much more raving I could do about this mascara, just get it - it's $9 for pete's sake.

:::::Disclaimer: This mascara is next to impossible to get HAVE to use makeup remover and really rub it off, I haven't found anything else that gets it off even in the slightest bit, I suppose this is the one, slight drawback::::

Seond up is the CG Lash Blast Water Resisitant Lengthening Formula which you can purchase at CVS here for about $8

Similar to its counterpart, the lengthening formula works wonders.  The reason I am reviewing this product in addition to the holy grail above is because, I personally use BOTH mascaras on a daily basis.  The lengthening formula isn't nearly as difficult to remove as the original formula and I will, from time to time, use the lengthening formula alone because it gives that very soft, doe-eyed look that pairs well with the 'less is more' look I go for when I'm just running errands or whatever

So here's my gig: 
          1. I curl my lashes with a cheapy Elf brand curler from the $1 store (yeah that's right, the dolla store)
          2. I apply about 2 or 3 coats of this lengthening formula which does a wonderful job at equally separating all the lashes and giving a real full, individual lash effect it does not clump, ever, at all.  If you somehow manage to clump it, you are mascara handicapped - plain and simple.
          3. I then apply 1-2 coats of the orange lash blast (but first I give it a gentle swipe on a tissue to remove excess) taking my time to apply generously on all lashes as evenly as possible
          4. Voila! You've got, what I believe to be, very fab-U-lussss lashes
Thanks to my good friend Jaime for turning me on to the Lash Blast and thanks to Wendy Willimas show give-aways for the lengthening formula.



  1. I love lash blast too ! :) I use the waterproof version!

  2. I'll get you some of my mom's mascara - if you like it i can get you a bunch for free :)

  3. Your mom's?? She makes mascara?

  4. I love the lash blast! I actually push the dior show aside for it (which I never thought I'd do for any mascara)