Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shop it To Me

So if you're smart, you get sale mail alerts from Shop it To Me and because I am sooooo nice, I'm going to link you to their site --> HERE.  Shop it to me, in my opinion, is better than most sites similar because the alerts are completely customized by you.  You can set it up so that it's tailored to your likings by brand and size as well as how often you want them to alert you - daily, weekly, etc.

Today, I'm drooling over this item from NY&Co. for 2 reasons: 1) Oh-so-spring-y that it gives me hope that there will be warmer days and 2) hello? check the price
Comes in this print as well as a monochromatic flavor and can be purchased HERE for a *wait for it* measley $23.47!!!
AND there is a very similar dress for the same price that comes in a multitude of solid colors!

In other fabulous fashion news, I noted a promo code for Forever 21, because you know - there stuff isn't already dirt cheap why not take an additional 10% off using the code "ILOVEF21"...my closet told me this morning that it wanted to embrace the love of these items in celebration of the 10% off...I am in desperate need of nude pumps, for some silly reason I do not own a pair.  White, yes. Winter, white 2 of 'em. Tan and every variation of beige, yes. Nude...big fat NADA

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