Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holy Bejesus Whirlwind

10:31am and already a shit storm of stuff going on today! Well I didn't get up for the gym this morning folks...and not because I'm lazy but because it was rainy and snowy and since I don't have class tonight I decided I'm going to take a 6pm pilates class tonight instead :::Jaime you know you want to come with me::: I do mediocre pilates at home and while I'm certainly no expert I'm not afraid to try a new class but having a little moral support helps in case I look like a total arse who doesn't know how to do it, I'll have company :)

That being said, on to my shit storm (and let me preface by saying none of it is really earth stoppingly exciting but more like "holy cow that's a lot of shit for 1 hour") -- so first my boss tells me that our next project is going to be opening up a burger and mexican joint - okay, I'm in - I don't eat meat anymore but I like me a good roasted vegetable fajita so that works for me.  Then my doll of a friend, Dana told me she started a blog today - YAYYY!!! Here's her masterpiece Then my other friend Jaime (same girl who will be joining me for pilates tonight, rigth Jaim?) told me she got a fabulous new job that pays well and has lots of opportunity so that's great news for her (and me, because now I'll make her buy the drinks when we go out)...my other friend told me she just did very well on an interview last week and quite possibly has the job (way to go Nic)...and last but not least I had one hell of a good breakfast this morning! So I've had a great 9am-10:30am day thus far, woot woot.

Speaking of that same breakfast -- let me share because it was heavenly.  It was this:

with a small handful of these:

and about 2 tablespoons of this:

Not even joking - it was a party in my mouth, tasted like a heavenly dessert.  And for less than 150 calories and repeat with me now, ZERO GRAMS OF FAT!!!! and repeat this part too FIFTEEN GRAMS OF PROTEIN.
I   a m   s o   s m a r t ,   s - m - r - t

I am going to post later with some shopping, product reviews and other F&B lovin but just wanted to say hi real quick

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