Wednesday, February 24, 2010

C l u s t e r f r u c k

There are days when I log on to blogger and think "hmmm what shall I discuss today" then there are other days (today for example) that I log on and can't figure what it is that I'm going to discuss because I have SO much on my mind.  I'm a bit compulsive in the fact that if I blog it, then schedule it for another day I might not want to ever post it because I want it to come out right here, right now as I'm thinking it.  So this may be a   v  e  r  y   l o n g   post. 

First, I was greeted this morning with a rude, incompetent annoying man aka the service guy at my car dealership.  He's stupid and impossible.  The entire dealership sucks big you know what and I will never ever do business with them again - not to mention that I will spread the word like a plague so that no one I know will either.  Rant over.

I am one angry mama

Putting that nonsense by the way side,  I cannot say how FRICKIN EXCITED I bestie best best in the whole world is coming home to visit on Tuesday from her new temporary home in North Carolina; we're taking a trip to AC from Friday to Sunday and I took off work Thursday/Friday to cheeeel with her.  I can't wait, I haven't seen her since Christmas and miss her dearly; mind you we practically have been joined at the hip since we were 13 years old...this is a pictured scenario of what our weekend shall be like

Last night I took a pilates class and I must say it was AH-mazing...I've done pilates at home for about 4 or 5 weeks now and I certainly can see a difference in the toning and shape of my physique and it takes very little time to do so.  The thing with pilates is that its a TON of effort in a small amount of time, but that's allll me. I have limited time but am willing to work during my few moments.  I will continue the class regularly, no doubt.  And recommend any of you who want to shape and tone to take a class or pick up a video
(my fav is this one right here) which you can actually purchase, with the bands, for like $8!!!

I am definitely going to start focusing some of my posts of fitness, health & nutrition.  I have been very passionate about both of those issues for quite some time now and would like to share what I have learned and discovered.  I'm not saying I don't go off the deep end on a raging bing of chocolate of ice cream every once in a while, but for the most part I am dedicated and focused.  And bikini season is RIGHT around the corner ladies, believe it or not Memorial Day weekend is only 3 short months from we all need to get our arses in gear

And there's nothing like getting you motivated than seeing your favorite swimsuits in the flesh, literally.  I am a fan of the cut out one pieces because while sometimes I do have the balls to wear a 2 piece in the glory of my post baby :::cringe::: body I do prefer the one piece more and am very glad they made a stellar comeback more recently.  I'm definitely getting these 2 suits for summer.  Although hubbs will more than likely get rid of me if I buy one more bathingsuit (I must have at least 30)

Which do you piece cut outs, tankini, bikini, retro? what strikes your fancy?

Now that I've gone off on 3 separate tangents...let me regress back to the HFN (my new ackronym for health, fitness & nutrition)...I am doing well on my new, no-meat diet.  I actually feel really really great and I encourage any of you to try it out and see if you like it too.  I, personally, was encouraged by my dear friend Kori (who also doubled as my wedding planner at the time) who is now a vegan.  She briefed me on the industry standards for meat production which grossed me out terribly and told me to read the book "Skinny Bitch" which I ordered from Amazon yesterday.  So we'll see how that book goes. 

Separately, I must say that I have a much better appreciation of what goes into my body now in my 'older years' than I did when I was in my teen years and very early 20's.  I used to scarf down anything I could get my grubby little hands on and refused to basically eat any fish (besides shellfish), never ate beans or legumes of any kind and the only veggies I ever ate were the ones you could smother in ranch dressing; otherwise it was a no-go for me.  Now, I cannot get enough of raw (and cooked) vegetables, fish of every kind, beans, raw nuts, wheats and grains and steer clear of most things that are processed. I try not to eat anything that comes individually wrapped because 9 times out of 10 its probably not good for you. I've found that food tastes so much better when its fresh - from fish to vegetables and everything in between.  I also think that vegetables are one of those food items that you can mix a hodge podge of any of 'em and they taste incredible.

I'm really going on and on now so I will stop.  Comments, anyone?


  1. But the individually packaged foods are the ones that taste the bestttttt!!!!! ((pout)). I gotta get brandon on a better eating regimine, but i haven't had time to plan it all out yet! Once Carys is here, processed foods are going bye bye!

  2. Honestly I used to think the same thing. But once you get away from processed foods you realize how DELISH fresh foods really are. I never ever let Justin eat processed foods but his Dad eats 'em like they're going out of style so he has jumped on the bandwagon a bit - I have to cut them both back. Can't wait for Carys!!!