Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Manic Monday, er Tuesday

No work para mi on Monday, woo hoo..well actually no woot woot over here because I was feeling wretched all day.  Nonetheless, I got to fully enjoy my Wendy show for the day in total peace and quiet, caught up on my Kardashian as well as a little Desperate Housewives...sometimes the good outweighs the bad on a sick day.

On top of getting to catch up on my fav tv shows, I did a bit of polyvoring for my good friend Jessica who will be brand new to the 9-5 world soon and needed some work attire inspiration and I'm sharing with you below...nothing crazy, just some very cute work clothes based around 2 staple office items --- black pencil skirt and trousers. Personally, I rarely wear flats to work but I sit at a desk so for Miss Jess, who will **fingers crossed** be a hotel manager, I included flats since trotting around in Jimmy Choo's doesn't work for that position.

I must say, Forever 21 - bravo...you sure do a good job on keeping me fashionable at work for very little money.  That is why I <3 F21 so so sooo much...I can literally accesorize, shoe and pull together an entire ensemble for less than $75 at any given time, all while keeping it fashion forward and in the summer - fahgettaboutit I can pull together the whole outfit for like, $30...its like stealing, really.  There's nothing like picking up a cute sundress and even cuter wedges, throw a cardi over it and call it a day for work wear...oh I yearn for sundresses right now, bright and cheery with statement necklace and bangles, (sigh)...for now I will wrap my cozie around and freeze my arse off because in the lovely state of NJ it is a whopping 25 friggin degrees

Oh, and yeah - thanks ya stupid groundhog, ya know we all reealllyy wanted another 6 god for saken weeks of hell.  You're awesome, dude - kudos.

So, now that I'm depressed, here ya go:

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