Friday, February 12, 2010

Whirlwind of a Week

Well ello there...let's recap Tuesday-Thursday

1.) Snow Sucks - period. We got a ridiculous amount of it here in Northwest New Jerz and I shoveled with hubbs like 14 times in one day...just stupid.  My car is still covered in snow because neither of us felt like digging it out for the umteenth time

2.) Blackberry's suck.  I remember when I got mine and though "oh yay, I'm so high tech and well connected now" yeah, right.  I can log on to my blog via BB and see posts, etc. but cannot write new posts or even schedule already drafted ones because "the page you are trying to load is too large" so awesome, I'm SOOO glad I pay $30/month to be so 'well connected'

3.) 2 days off from work in the middle of the week is awesome! Although I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday and anxiously surfing the channels wondering why Keeping Up with the Kardashians wasn't on? Well, darling because it was Thursday! But woot woot today is casual Friday and then another 2 days off.  Yessssss!

Speeking of the crazy K's...guess who was on Regis and Kelly yesterday? My fav beotch, the 'Tush'...I seriously have a borderline stalker obsession with this woman (exaggerating here, people), I have never envied someone else (celebrity or not) as much as I do her.  She is just stunning at every single moment, its just not even fair.  Although, Kim's flaw - she's really not good at anything in particular.  She's gorgeous, yes - fun to watch, yes - but all in all she really is famous just for being famous, that's it.  I mean she's a successful business woman for sure, she's branded herself in a way that arguably takes a lot of work (or a good momager/agent) 

Kudos to the fact that she has now added a perfume line to her success but whether it smells like dog poo or not, people will buy it by the boat load just because its 'hers'.  I am severely upset that on Monday she will be at the NYC Sephora signing autographs and launching her new fragerence (which will be sold exclusively at Sephora) -- but guess what? Boss will be royally ticked if I take off so I can't go. Wahh  ::::wipes tear::::

Here she is on yesterday's show, where Regis creepily sniffed her several times (check out the kool aid smile he has on the ENTIRE time she's sitting next to him) -- and Bush is on Monday's show :)

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