Thursday, February 18, 2010

What exactly makes a good parent?

Well I know this doesn't have much to do with fashion, beauty or product reviews but today, parenting has been reigning my mind.  I was flabbergasted yesterday by a comment made to me by a fellow mother (from my son's class) and made me think long and hard about my parenting skills and what it takes to be a good mother...or father.  Some of you know, that I have a gorgeous little 4 year old boy and while I don't talk much about him here (because I have a frantic paranoia about the internet and my child's involvement with any of it), he is beyond my number 1 priority, way beyond fashion or beauty :) I cannot hug and embrace that little germ bucket enough...when he wakes up in the morning I smother him with all the kisses my lips can tolerate.  He is genuinely the apple of my eye and I bask in every glorious moment of being his mother. 


I must add.  I'm really not the greatest mom.  I don't like to play cars or cops n robbers or really any little childrens games at all.  I'm not the type to get down on the floor and mess around and do all kinds of wacky shit.  But I genuinely love and care for my boy and would give him anything he wanted in less than a heartbeat.  I'm all about places like Chuck E. Cheese, the Little Gym, carnivals, fairs, events, etc. you name it - my son does it.  We even get up at 8am on Saturday mornings to be at Lowe's for kiddie workshops.  But I still always feel like I could be a 'better mom' or that I'm just not quite doing a good enough job.  Its one of those things that hangs on my shoulders like a creepy co-worker.   

So yesterday I was at my son's school for an hour helping the kids with V-day crafts at their Pajama party (it was postponed from last week due to snow) when the mother next to me says:

"you are such a good mom, you really are"
Me: "me? really? thanks"
Her: "No, I'm serious. I've seen you before; the way you handle your son and how you treat him, you're just such a great mother, I mean that"

Like I said above, I was flabbergasted...floored really.  I just couldn't believe someone thought that about ME! The woman who feels defeated by a toddler boy on a daily basis.  The woman who thinks that she can conquer the world, as long as it doesn't involve parenting.  Basically, the woman who feels she is the LEAST cut out for parenthood.  That is me, in a I see it, on my end.  I've been craving another baby for quite some time now but honestly, it scares the bejesus out of me - how could I possibly handle another one? I'm not even good at what I do, with one...but this, my friends, has somehow and some way solidified my parental status.  Not that it even matters for one second what someone else thinks of me (well, a stranger at least) or that, what other people think of my parenting should dictate my future baby makin plans...but for some reason that comment right there just made me feel like the million dolla was such a great feeling to hear that from someone. 

So it made me think deeper and deeper about what makes a good mother or father...and its not so much that you LOVE to play fireman or that you're the best at Wii...its that you genuinely love and care for your kids and ENSURE that they have the best that you can provide...that's morally, emotionally, physically and financially speaking.  And I absolutely do that.  So guess what...that mom was right...I am a good mom (and might I hubbs is the BEST Dad, hands down) Here's the munchkin and me:

Halloween 2009


  1. Cuteness. I have no doubt you're a great mother :)

  2. this is a really beautiful entry. thanks for sharing this story! i'm emotional today and it made me teary-eyed!

  3. Awe thanks ladies. A very proud moment for me!