Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok, so I definitely realize I'm probably the WORST blogger...ever! Well, maybe I'm being overly dramatic but I haven't posted for 2 weeks and that's just downright unacceptable.  So I apologize to all my adoring fans who have been clutched to K's Conspiracy for the last 14 days begging Jesus for a reason why, just why I haven't been enlightening you!

On to bigger, better and way more important things...last night I caught Sex and the City 2 after sipping delish martini's with 2 of my fav gals and I must say...I'm disappointed!  Really, I am.  Don't get me wrong, the movie was good...but just real drama, which was the disappointing part.  And of course, I won't sit here and spoil the movie for those who haven't caught it yet but...remember the first movie? Who could forget especially when you watch it on average 2 times weekly Big leaving Carrie at the alter, Steve cheating on Miranda, Charlotte finally conceiving and Samantha leaving Smith...that was drama and we all loved it mucho.  Numero Dos my friends, contains WAYYYYY less drama. 

HOWWWever, the fashion was beyond dramatic...the shoes, the gowns, the hats - oh my!! It made it worth it, that's for sure.  I do love me some sparkly Louboutins

This was also a favorite of mine from the movie...I love the easy breezy-ness of this dress and the color is a hit

There was a gorgeous green gown that Carrie so easily wore as she lounged around watching TV with Big (really?) but I cannot seem to find a picture of it anywhere. 

Of course, we all have seen the one shoulder poncho dress by Halston Heritage...I would love to have, duh.

And on to something that just made my day...If these shoes don't scream fabulous I don't know what does...because my friends, these are friggin HOTT and if the man upstairs really liked me, these shoes and this dress would be delivered to me via UPS or FedEx (I'm not picky)...

Last, but certainly not least, I saw these beauties on the footsies of a fellow fab blogger (Life Love and the Pursuit of Shoes) and me likey! Deets are soon to follow she says and I'm dying to know patiently waiting for those

I hope everyone has an AWESOME Memorial Day is promising (well here in Jerz) and there's nothing better than a long weekend in the sun ;)

Enjoy. xoxo


  1. The pleated dress is also halston heritage, can find at these links (selling out though)

  2. ... and the green dress is Lanvin, can't find a pic so I'm thinking it may be vintage

  3. I don't know why these comments just came through today for me...that's weird. I saw that HH blue one and Look 4 Less did a featur on it with a similar one for a lot less buck, of course!!

    That Lanvin one is yummy.