Friday, May 7, 2010

Shop It to Me

Just the other day I saw this gorgeous Rachel Roy dress featured on The Look 4 Less style me saturday feature and I was in ultra grabby hands mode, I am a HUGE sucker for drape, jersey and asymetrics and this dress is all those yummy things in one delightful little cookie:

This dress retails for $109 on the Rachel Roy website

Today, my shop it to me sale alert featured this delish little cookie by DVF

Although, more expensive (even on sale) for $240 at Neiman Marcus

My dilemma...while I love the Rachel Roy version it appears to be very long - and you know that model is probably 5'10" which I am NOT...And the price difference between the Roy and the DVF is quite a chunk of change? Plus RR is offering free shipping on orders over $75 now through 5/31
I guess I just convinced myself of the right choice ;)

I recently bought some very cute shoes @ Piperlime as mentioned in post below and I'm so sad they didn't work out because they would be very cute with the dress above.  Although I am digging the modeled shoes big time. 
At first, cuffed sandals and heels turned me off in a big way but I've grown quite obsessed fond of them.  I'm picking up these for a mother's day gift to me-self
All from Urban Original a great little cheapy place to buy shoes  
Hubbs will more than likely make fun of these shoes...he's not really into anything I wear that's "out of the norm" he still laughs when I wear any type of 'bootie' so I'm sure he'll be lol'ing at these

I'm also in DESPERATE need of a new bag for the Spring...and I mean desperate!!! I've been rockin the same Dooney & Burke bag for what seems like centuries now and frankly, I'm sick of it.  I have a fabulous-o Fendi spy bag look-a-like as well but that's got to GO.  I realllllllly would <3 hubbs maja if he decided to bring home this purdy little kitten for me on Sunday:
But that, my dears, is HUGE dreamin at its finest considering that's a nearly $4000 bag.

Dear Hubbs, I will take this replica or THIS bag instead, thank you!

Well I hope all my fellow mama's have a great Mother's Day, you know you deserve it! And for everyone else, treat yo mama to something nice and enjoy your weekend as well.


  1. Haha my boyfriend hates pretty much all the boots and booties I own! Some guys just don't understand fashion :) that dress is beautiful by the way.

  2. Hi Maria,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing Shop It To Me with your readers, and we're thrilled you're finding items you like. We'd love to add you as a Trendsetter ( Email us at for details! :)

    Thanks again!