Friday, April 30, 2010

Dare to Wear: Arbonne

Yesterday I mentioned some amazing things I had to share with you all...and it is Arbonne.

Have you ever heard of the company??
Do you or have you used it??? Let me know what you think of the products

Arbonne is a botanically based skincare company that started in Switzerland in 1975 then began in the United States in 1980. All of Arbonne's research and development is based out of Switzerland and their manufacturing is done here in Irvine, California.  The company is VEGAN CERTIFIED and more recently, the farmland in Switzerland just became ORGANIC CERTIFIED which means many of the botanicals used in Arbonne's products are organic!

The company produces many products from anti-aging creams to diaper rash ointments and everything in between. They just recently launched their all new (AH-mazing) makeup line in March as well.  All Arbonne's products are produced without testing on animals, without animal or human by-products, free of PABA, PH Correct, dermatologist and pediatrician tested and approved and so much more.  The company's motto for 30 years has always been Pure-Safe-Beneficial and they are just that.  

Arbonne is an amazing company.  Their products do not get NEARLY 1/4 of the amount of exposure as they should.  I have been using several of their products for the last couple of months and I honestly couldn't say enough good things about every single one of them.  My 4 year old son's chronic dry skin problem drastically improved within just a few days from using their baby care lotion and I can't tell you how fabulous their fine line/anti-aging products are! You really have to try it to understand. 

I don't want to babble on for hours, which I totally would about this company and the products, but I just wanted to review/share/advise to each one of my lovely readers how freakin outstanding everything I've tried from Arbonne is.  I mean it.

If you want more information on Arbonne, to order products or try free samples please leave me a comment with your email address below.  Let me know which products you'd be interested in
Men's Line
Acne Line
Teen Line
Children's Line
Body care
Health & Wellness
Weight Loss & Management

**Note: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  Although I was not paid in any way to write this review; I do sell the products for retail consumption.  These are my true opinions and are based off of using the products on myself and my family prior to becoming involved with the company as a consultant 

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