Friday, April 2, 2010

Dare to Wear: Acceptance

Well Happy (good) Friday all....what a gorgeous day it is today (in New Jersey)'s high is supposed to reach a whopping

7 6    D E G R E E S
woot woot, shout it out

Today's Dare to Wear is Acceptance. 
I know what you're thinking - wtf does that mean? Let me give you a bit of preface - I've spent the last 4 or more years of my life trying so hard to be something I wasn't and it always had to do with vanity.  I think the issue of vanity has gotten so far out of hand in our country that it's just impossible to ever accept who and what you really are.  The pressures to be thin and beautiful, perfect and fashion forward, great hair, great makeup, etc. it is just so overwhelming and I know, obviously, as a woman the pressure even in the 'normalcy' of non-celebrity life is hard enough. I don't think that we accept ourselves enough.  I don't think that we ever sit back and say 'wow, I am great the way I am' or just accept that the way we look is the way we look and stop trying so hard to change it.  I know girls, have friends, co-workers, etc. who scrutinize things about themselves that are clearly so beautiful or fabulous, just because it isn't "up to par" to what's "socially accepted". 

Maybe this isn't you...maybe you are 100% satisfied from head to toe with your appearance and the way you look.  If so, then KUDOS to you - bravo for sure.  I honestly cannot remember a time in my adult life that I felt that way.  There has always been something I felt needed to be better or different or like this person's or that person's...whether its weight, hair, style, height, size, etc.  it's always been something.  So today's Dare to Wear is Acceptance. Accept who you are as an individual and what makes you unique.  Accept your frizzy curls or jiggly underarms, accept your voluminous hair or perfectly structured eyebrows.  Accept your muffin top or tight buns. Whether it's too big or too small, too thin or too thick, curly or straight, short or tall --- accept, accept, accept 

For me, I am accepting that
I weigh 143 lbs. and I have 22" thighs and that's who I am
I have thin, less than voluminous hair...oh and grey's
I have very fair skin and will always carry that 'pale' look even when tanned
My hips...are huge, enough said
That little pregnancy belly is here to stay no matter how many sit ups I do

lol - this picture is clearly the BEST I've ever taken!! Poolside antics on my honeymoon

And for me, this is how I accept those things in stride
I gave birth to a nearly 9 lb. child and gained 94 lbs. in the process, I lost more than 100 lbs. so I should be damn proud of that weight and those "huge" thighs (btw huge thighs are the new black) hahahaa
I have a 'daring' hair cut that most people cannot pull off and well, the grey's - it is what it is
Fair skin is better than the leather look of over tanned skin
My huge hips beared a beautiful little boy with ease
That little pregnancy belly, although not cute at all, is the aftermath of pregnancy and now I know better not to eat so many Oreo's because a fetus does not share those calories!

I think if you take even 1/10 of the amount of time you spend trying to perfect or change your so-called imperfections and spend that time embracing them for what they really are, it would make you so much happier and prouder of what ya got!
Own it.

Dare to wear...acceptance.

Want to share what your accepting? Comments, Questions, Suggestions Always Welcome!

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