Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smooth Sailing

There is a certain beneficial bounty out there...a deliciously tasty, creamy delight that not only satisfies your taste buds but slims your waistline at the same time? And...it's smoothies  

A "diet" I tried a couple years ago (which, might I add was extreeeeeeemely successful) was the Abs Diet (for Women) by David Zinczenzko, Editor in Chief for Men's Health Magazine.  This so-called diet, which was easier than figuring out 10% off your favorite shorts, did wonders for my post baby body and it really shaped my eating habits entirely.  I have completely changed my food lifestyle since reading the book and several accessory books as well.  That being said, a big factor to this 'diet' are smoothies.  According to Eat This, Not That (another wildly successful publication by same) smoothies "juice your brain, build muscle, burn fat and strengthen your heart in less than a minute"...now who doesn't want that?

Now these smoothies do not include the crapola ones you get a fast food restaurant, they're not Dunkin Donuts Low Calorie Fruit Smoothie chock full of 490 freakin calories and 83 grams of sugar!!! The type of smoothies that whittle the waist and pump the muscles are the ones you make at home (or ones, USUALLY, that are offered at your gym but be careful to watch the ingredient list).  You want to stick to fully natural, fruit/vegetables, protein sources and low sugar liquid add ins. 

The 12 Best smoothie ingredients, according to Eat This Not That:
1. Peanut Butter (ALL NATURAL varieties - look for those words right on the front label)
2. Fat Free Milk (lots of calium and protein...none of the fat)
3. Blueberries (the huge amount of antioxidants have been shown to slow brain decline & reduce memory loss)
4. Low Fat/Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt (Or greek yogurt for added protein + digestion aid and calcium)
5. Raspberries (an antioxidant powerhouse)
6. Fat Free Chocolate Frozen Yogurt (calcium, phosphorous and NONE of the guilt)
7. Pineapple-Orange Juice (OJ has Vita C and Pineapple has a cancer inhibiting, inflammation reducing
8. Cherries (in addition to Vita C and fiber, they have been linked to fighting arthritis pain)
9. Bananas (GOOD carbs, keep you feeling energized)
10. Whey Protein (its essential amino acids help you pack on muscle - and muscles BURN calories!!)
11. Frozen (or fresh) Mangoes - chock full of Vita's A and C and beta carotene which helps prevent cancer
and promotes healhty skin!!!
12. Ice (helps it all blend together nicely)

Here are some of my favorite and very easy smoothie recipes based on those 12 ingredients all between 200 and 300 calories perfect for breakfast or a snack:

-- The Smooth Operator
-- The Mood Maker
-- The Brain Booster

So make yourself a simple smoothie tomorrow for breakfast or bring one to work for that 3pm rut we always find ourselves in...you'll see a change, for sure!

Have any recipes you want to share with me?

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