Friday, April 9, 2010

Reco's and Reviews

Well lovely readers I have been very busy the last few days I have decided to get my ARSE in GEAR!!! Memorial day is right around the corner, not to mention I have a bachelorette party poolside in about 2 weeks...ahh.  I've decided to hire a personal trainer from my gym, I signed up for 10, 30 minute sessions in addition to his Tues/Wed/Thurs classes I take (pilates/body pump/kickboxing).  I must say, I am sore already but I am determined to get my summer body.  I highly recommend taking a good kickboxing class, I really like the one I take, I can totally tell its working because I sweat profusely and I can just feel every single muscle in my body working up a storm!!

Today I wanted to also share with you a recommendation for a couple blogs to read...I recently stumbled across the blog Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes If you're like me and are obsessed with all things shoes this is a great blog to follow - I even emailed the blogger after reading a few posts to tell her how much I <3'd her blog and asked if she knew where to find the shoes in this picture:
Not even kidding, she emailed me back within 20 minutes with multiple links to the shoes.  Unfortunately for me, the shoes are not only Giuseppe Zanotti (an amazingly awesome shoe designer with un-awesome prices) but they are sold out anyway.  I then wrote back to her explaining my woes and guess what???
Yes folks she linked me to a look for less ;)
I officially love this woman.

And on that same exact note... follow The Look 4 Less which, too, is a fantabulously beneficial website that is updated multiple times throughout each day with celeb looks for less, reader write in looks for less, etc. She basically can find any item out there that you want for cheaper!! C'mon now how great is that.  I initially reached out to her on how to recreate Kim's entire look above and she came so eerily close for a fraction of the price I was quite astounded.  The shoes were just a little less than what I wanted (not less in price but less in look) - but the entire outfit she sent to me with links to various options - again within minutes of my initial email.  This wonderful woman reached back out to me again today because she had found a pair of shoes that did in fact match Kim's to the T for a measley $55!!!
I officially love 2 women.

So a big  K U D O S  to these two really cool women and their efforts towards making my life that much better!
If you're smart, you're already following these blogs; if not, you'll be following them now!

And for my review...I recently signed up for ShoeDazzle, a company founded and operated by the lovely Kim Kardashian.  Basically, ShoeDazzle is a website that you join as a member (at no financial obligation), you take a survey that determines your 'style' and based on your survey results, each month the stylists pick 5 pairs of shoes for you - you have the choice of purchasing 1, all or none of the shoes selected.  If you choose a pair, there is free shipping and you get your order in about 1 week and if they don't fit or you're unsatisfied you use their pre-paid return shipping label.  The cost of the membership is $39.95 per month - the great thing about this service is that if you don't like any of the 5 shoes selected for you, you're NOT charged the $ it's no obligation what-so-ever and whenever you do feel like obliging you get the pair of shoes right to your door step.

I mean, clearly its no innovative idea its a shoe service and the shoes are not Louboutins or Jimmy Choo's but "high end" low end shoes, if that makes sense.  I received my first pair today:

I really liked these ones a lot and as soon as I saw them in 'My Showroom' I knew I was getting them and for $40?? No brainer.  These were the other 4 pairs in my showroom, I don't like any of them, but that's the beauty of the website if you don't like any of them or are strapped for cash - whatever the reason may be you just select 'skip this month' and you keep it movin.

I like the convenience of the service, maybe you're busy one month or can't get out to the mall or for some god for saken reason have no time to online window shop - then one day you get the email 'time to choose' and you treat yourself to an unexpected little treasure.  No typing in cc info or mailing address, they have all your info - just click the 'yes please' button and a week later you're stylin and profilin

Well happy weekend to all!!


  1. Wow, thank you so much for the sweet comments about me and The Look 4 Less!! I'm so glad I was able to help you - you are going to look fabulous at that bachelorette party!

  2. I really like those first ones! I've been a member of shoe dazzle for almost a year and have never actual picked a shoe because I'm never happy with the choices. I wish that they would just show us all of them! haha :)

    Great buy!!!