Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and More...

I hope that all my lovely readers had a wonderful Easter...I know that here in Jersey the weather has been beyond fantastic and it just feels soooo good.  It's literally been perfection.  About 75-79 degrees, slight breeze and all sun! That is good livin right there my friends.  And the forecast predicts similar weather up and until Tuesday of next week! (well, with the exception of potential rain on Friday but I'm ok with that).

Friday was a G R E A T  day for me...I passed my State licensing exam and am officially a real estate agent in the great State of Jerzeeee now! woot woot. I'm so excited to embarq on this new adventure and see where it takes me! I don't plan to invest a ton of time into real estate right away but I am definitely eager to get my feet if you or anyone you know is planning on buying or selling a home in New Jersey any time soon...

Grandma decided to keep the booger throughout the rest of the night Friday which allotted even more celebratory time for moi - I headed over to my girl Nic's house for some wine antics and gossip and it was very fun! By the way, shout out to Nic, who doesn't even read the damn blog - because she is loook f-i-i-i-i-n-e! Good work on the exercise, eating right and keepin in shape you're doing a great job girl

Saturday we (booger, hubbs and I) headed to the Phila zoo again to enjoy the weather and show the booger a good time.  It was really nice, we all had a great time and stopped at this Ah-mazing buffet on the way home where I gorged like a gluttonous crazy person (ew).

I <3 that one of my boys - booger always does that to hubbs when he's on his shoulders - I don't think he quite understands why you can't walk with your eyes covered, especially when carrying a child.
Here's some more animal shots - that monkey was staring at me for a good 10 minutes lol

Then Sunday, of course, Easter was just as eventful for me - as a mama these sort of Holidays are much more entailing then for those sans kids - you make a HUGE deal about dying eggs, getting to bed for the bunny and then hiding eggs, toys and a basket all over the house all while snapping photos before you even get coffee...Here are some of my favs (after coffee, dressed all nice) and ooh thanks to Ms. E at Strawberry Swing and Other Things for the cutie Arden B. skirt it was perfect for the weather and the occasion:

My Dad came with us, he was so cute!

Me n Boogs and then boogs reachin for Eggs scattered throughout the house with Spidey basket in tow

Had a great weekend with friends and family - looking forward to this week's weather and hopefully staying on track with the gym...the countdown is on ladies only 55 days until Memorial Day aka the begin of swimsuit season

How was your weekend, your Easter? Enjoying the weather?


  1. Wow! the skirt is perfect for Easter & looks great too :)

    what a fun wkd (and ditto that the weather was GORG!), love the zoo pics, looking good lady!

  2. Thanks miss, yes it was a hit. Now let's hope the weather keeps up