Friday, April 23, 2010

Wedding Wear Part Deux

I swear, looking for the perfect ensemble to wear to someone else's wedding has turned out to be just as difficult as finding my own dress!! Holy moly.  Well out of the 10,000 dresses I narrowed my choices down to I finally decided on one...and guess what? It wasn't even one of the original contenders...shocker!

I have the bachelorette party this weekend in AC, the shower in a couple weeks and the wedding in about a month so I think I'm finally all set on my outfit for each event...I'll share some pics that are sure to be entertaining after this weekend's fiasco but for now I'll share a polyvore set of what I decided to go with for her 'big day'...

what do you think? I haven't set the accessories in stone but I did purchase the dress and shoes...

Have a happy weekend everyone, thanks for reading!!!

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