Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Had to post

I couldn't finish my day without posting this.  I got an email from my son's teacher a few moments ago and this is what it said

I just had to tell you a conversation I overheard Justin having with his friends.  The arm came off the 3-D glasses he brought in.  The boy who took it off was upset adn Justin told him not worry because his dad could fix it.  The boy asked Justin "Your dad won't be mad? How come he won't be mad" and Justin replied "cause he's a nice daddy and he is good to me".  It was so sweet to hear those words.  Justin said them with such love and conviction that his dad loves him and takes care of him.  We don't get to hear these things as enough as parents and I wanted you to know how much he loves his dad.
From Mrs. Teacher

::::tears welling up::::
I'm enitrely too lucky to have this family!!!