Monday, March 15, 2010


This post is 2 part/2 meaning. 

First, let's talk about being a housewife. A legitimate housewife, that is. To me, a legitimate housewife is one whose husband has a stellar career that financially allows for the wife to not have to work.  In my humble opinion, if you do not have children there is no reason to be a housewife.  Because then what would the reason be you are not working? As a housewife, you look after/raise/educate the children including but not limited to taking them to and from exploratory classes and ventures, play dates, doctor's appointments, etc.,  you cook the meals of the home and you clean your humble abode as well as run most of the household errands and if applicable, pay/manage/organize the household builds. Enough things in a day to basically take you from 9am-5pm.

I'm a part time housewife.  I work a 9-5 every day and am currently embarking on a new venture.  As much as I would have loved to stay at home and raise my booger from birth to kindergarden, I did not have that luxury by any means.  It was a terrible thing to have to return to work when my babes was only 8 weeks old but that's what I had to do. 

That being said, I think housewives tend to get a 'bad rap' from those of us who are 9-5ers.  I'll admit it, too that its somewhat from an envious standpoint.  However, I cannot stand to hear a woman who has the leisure of not being forced to work to complain about how exhausted she is or how she couldn't get 'this' done or 'that' done because frankly, I get it done...AND I worked all day so my time is basically limited to 3 hours a day and then weekends and that includes
1. dinner
2. cleanup
3. errands.
4. walking the dog
5. family time
6. gym
7. bath time
8. story/bedtime
9. Then throw in your occasional dinners with the fam, visiting with friends (and their children), after school activities, fundraisers, school programs, continuing education for the parents, sports, recreation and birthday parties!

And did I mention....ALONE TIME! No, I didn't because that's non-existent. Did I mention a social life? Nope, not much of that either.

Don't get me wrong, there are pah-lenty of housewives out there who get every last thing done, every single day without missing a beat...and they don't complain about it and their children are top notch! But there are more than that who don't...but don't worry their bodies are hawt, their hair is perfectly highlighted and their shopping trips are abundant.

Part 2...Here is the reason why most of the housewifes act the bratty ass way they do:

Don't get me wrong, folks I love me some Real Housewives on Bravo...because its entertaining.  But the sad reality is that its become 'cool' to be a non-productive wife/mother as long as you look fabulous. 

Now don't get it twisted because I am all about being fabulous, looking hot, having hot shit...but don't be a brat too.  And don't act like your life is so friggin tough that you personally can't even raise your own damn kids.  You don't need a nanny and you don't need a chef...because guess what darling? That's YOUR job and if you're like me and you do work, then it's partially your job and the other part belongs to your hubbs.

It just rubs me the wroooonnnngggg way when a mother is more concerned with her botox and breast implants than she is her own damn kids (a la Tamra in RH of OC) or how about Theresa (RH of NJ) who doesn't teach her darling little girls shit except how to drop $10K on summer clothes, wear lipstick and be an actress at the age of 5 oh wait! Then there's Alexis (OC) who has like 3 nannies...the woman only has 3 kids!! and she does not work, at all - ever! -- this little excerpt is derived from "Keeping up appearances is important to Alexis, who devotes two to three hours each day to personal maintenance including working out, waxing, tanning, manicures and various other beauty treatments" Wow! Just wow! 

It's becoming socially acceptable to have other people raise your kids and do your 'duties' and it aggravates the bejesus out of me. I'd love love love to have the opportunity to even be home with my boy for one month straight let alone an entire childhood and I find it hard to swallow that so many people take complete and utter advantage of their own opportunity. 

enuff said, i guess.

Comments, anyone? I'd love to hear your take -whether be housewife or 9-5er? Am I too harsh or right on the money? Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm not a mama, so I can't intelligently comment directly, but I tend to agree with you. My only outsider comment is that even though these ladies may seem to have all the help in the world, I have a feeling that they aren't very satisfied with their entire life - even if it shows otherwise. Money can buy a ton of shiz, but it cannot buy happiness or a relationship with your family.

  2. You can still comment intelligently :)
    I 100% agree with that comment they definitely can put on a good show but at the end of the day a Nanny can't love you like your mama can and if your mama is fully capable of doing so and chooses not to...aggravating!
    Thanks for reading.