Monday, March 8, 2010

Questions - Answered!

Well, although I though no one would ask any questions, someone did.

Here they are answered for all your viewing pleasure:

1. How did having a child change your life? This is a question that I could write thousands of answers to.  But most directly, I will say that having a child gave me a HUGE sense of compassion that I never otherwise had.  I never understood real love and care until my son was born.  I never realized how truly whole you can feel.  After Justin was born I developed a sick sense of responsibility.  I was always pretty responsible, even when I was a teenager but after him, I grew ten fold.  I am naturally a bit of a selfish person but when it comes to him, that falls by the wayside, dramatically.  Because of motherhood, I pushed forward on a career and I now am in a great position that I love and have tons of opportunity.  Without him, I probably wouldn't have pushed as hard to 'move up in the world'....well, not so soon at least.  So in a nutshell having a child changed my life 10,000% for the better. And I have a gorgeous little boy to show off as well ;)

2. What do you like to do on the weekends? I like to shop, shop, shop and shop some more.  But, because I'm a mother, I typically spend my weekends going to birthday parties, chuck e. cheese, roller skating, bowling, festivals, movies, etc.  I usually go grocery shopping, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and if I'm lucky I'll get a trip to Home Goods. I actually like bringing Justin to do new things but the winter stinks because there's not as much fun stuff to do.  I'm lucky enough to have my mother close by so 80% of the time, she takes Justin for the night on Saturday's.  When she does, the hubbs and I will more than likely go out for sushi and cap the night at home with wine.  In the summer time, we have friends over a lot - we like to entertain.

3. What are your favorite places to eat? I would have said Melting Pot but now that I don't eat meat it will prove much more difficult to enjoy a full blown meal there.  That being said, if I had it my way I would eat sushi every single day of the week.  My favorite local sushi spot is now Masa Sushi but I always fancied Fujiyama (another local sushi place).  My favorite guilty pleasure place to eat is Cold Stone Creamery (I'm a huge ice cream junkie) and lastly, Jose Tejas - a local Tex-Mex place that I <3 big time.

Thanks for asking!!! As always, ask me anything - any time, anywhere! 

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