Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Tuesday!

Well the weekend sure flew by - I cannot get over how absolutely gorge the weather was.  We, my fam, tripped it out to the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday followed by City sightseeing and sushi dinner so it was a good day for us.  It was a stunning 79 degrees here in Jersey/Philadelphia and Sunday was no disappointment either.  I believe the high temp throughout the day on Sunday was 77 degrees.  I absolutely love love love this sunshine and springy weather.  Although yesterday was a rainy mess the clouds are beginning to break today for what looks like another day of sunshine :)

You bet yo arse I was wearing flip flops and tanks all weekend.  Which brings me to tanning - it is officially time.  Although I'm not much of a fake baker I usually do it for about a month in April (so we're just in time).  I'm naturally very fair and unfortunately the ultra ultra fairness that winter brings is not nearly as cute as a base tan.  I'm not talking Jersey Shore color, my friends.

Speeee-aking of which....who caught the premier episode of the ULTRA ridiculous 'Jerseylicious' on the Style Network Sunday night? I find it incredibly hard to believe that any of this show is even remotely real and that there are actually people who act like this who have jobs, let alone careers.  Here it is in all its ugliness. 

I feel bad for these people, seriously.  They are being mocked beyond control and I honestly don't even think they realize that.  Oh well.

On a separate note, since I didn't post for yesterday's 'Manday' here is a snippet of who I would have otherwise featured...because he is freakishly hawt...Gilles Marini (Mr. Marini is currently starring in the ABC series Brothers and Sisters on at 10pm EST on Sunday) you may also remember Gilles as Samantha's LA sex craved neighbor on SATC the movie?? Ya know, the one with the tight buns who showered naked on his back porch - the one who Samantha watched nightly?

And if you love SATC as much as I do, then you already know that

S L A T E D   F O R    R E L E A S E   M A Y   2 8 ,   2 0 1 0
yay :)

That's all for now....xoxo

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