Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well folks today my blogger status has been solidified...Yes, I have received an award

The always fabulous, always funny Nicole at Coley's Closet Cravings gave me this 'barry cute wittle waward' (said in my best Elmer Fudd voice)  - thanks girl...here are 10 things about moi that I KNOW your dying to hear

1.)  I can type 92 words per minute with 95% accuracy and have been avidly trying to beat that score (a la www.typingtest.com ) yeah what, biiitches

2.) My husband and I have been married for 8 months and haven't yet celebrated 2 total years together (I heart him big time - hey babe!)

3.) My 4 year old son knows my phone number by heart and I have no idea how - he said "God told him"

4.) I once lost over 100lbs.

5.) Last night I binged on 2 flavors of ice cream, girl scout cookies, jalapeno cheese and pringles with dip after coming home from school where I ate a kashi bar and a good humor ice cream...loved every minute of it

6.) I've lived in the same town in New Jersey for the last 24.5 years (yeah, I know EVERYone)

7.) I nixed my only linen closet so that I could have a walk in which I do not share with the hubbs

8.) I want to adopt a child, badly

9.) I obsessively online window shop every single day but rarely ever buy anything

10.) When I was in 8th grade I lived right next door to my middle school and had the most tardy's of anyone in the entire school

And I would like to tag the following wonderful women with the Sugar Doll Award, check their blogs because they are aw-awesome

Strawberry Swing and Other Things (even though 'Cole already nom'd ya)

Thanks for readin, peeps...until next time xoxo


  1. Totally feeling you on #7 and #9:
    I soo need my own walk-in closet complete with a vanity and refrigerator! I would never leave! lol
    I am online window (and real) shopping at least 20 hrs out of the day! I'm obsessed..

  2. I cracked up reading this! Justin said God told him your phone number?! U better watch out, he's watching you! Or Lil J seriously has some super natural powers, I'll be sure to be xtra good around him maybe he'll put in a good word with the big man!

  3. Cole's - my husband will forever hate you now that you mentioned refrigerator and closet together. That's officially his next renovation project.

    Jess - I've DEFINITELY got it in with the big man now ;) I'll tell him to put a good word in for you too, no worries