Monday, March 1, 2010's Manday

A loooonnng overhaul for me today followers, I was out of work on Friday due to the snow...yes snow, can you believe it, I was shocked too! not. I'm so over the winter its not even funny.  I'm sick of black and grey and I have really cute white pumps I want to rock, immediately but due to the whole "White Rule" I can't and it makes me angry.  For now I am dreaming of coral, yellow and pink but hopefully it will soon be reality. 

All that aside, Thursday night I took an AWESOME kickboxing class at my gym.  I absolutely love the instructor (whose pilates class I take on Tuesday's) and the class kicked my assss big time! I was dripping sweat 10 minutes into the class and that's what I call a workout.  I skipped the gym on Friday because I shoveled snow for a good 2 hours and that's what I call the suckiest part of my day a good core workout!  So my exercise over the weekend was pretty nice.  Unfortunately I couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed for 6:45am Saturday yoga (again)...maybe next weekend? Eh hem, although I was in fact at the gym this morn at 6am.

The weekend was well, mediocre.  We were basically 'snowed in' on Friday but we ventured out later in the day to hang with my bestie's mama dukes (heyyyy Joan) which turned into a whole entire night of eating Kashi pizza and drinking 2 magnums of red wine...yes you read that right, two magnums.  It was a good time. 

Mi mama's cumpleanos was Saturday so we had her over for dinner yesterday for a lovely seafood extravaganza and capped out the night with some good ol' closing ceremony action followed by Desperate Housewives! The only shopping I did this weekend was for groceries and new tires, unfortunately.  So no exciting purchases to share.

After today's man parade, I'm going to come back later and discuss an inspired topic....Workplace Fashion Rules so stay tuned :) .... I know, terribly cheesy but I couldn't resist.  And now back to our regularly scheduled program featuring the scrumptious Ryan Reynolds and if possibly there's some god for saken reason you don't know him - he's a gorgeous actor married to Scarlett Johansson who's been in some great movies...Smokin' Aces, Waiting, The Proposal, Xmen: Origins and some stints on SNL (he used to be engaged to Alanis Morrisette):

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