Tuesday, March 30, 2010

H&M Garden Collection

H&M is one of those stores that I always forget about, I don't know why but I just never remember this store when I have shopping in mind.  I think, in part, its because the closest H&M to me is located in a very lame mall that has ZERO potential for good finds so I never end up in the vicinity of the store itself.  But when I do cross paths I always end up finding so many items I love love love. 

H&M recently released their 'Garden Collection' which is beyond perfect for Spring - incorporating ruffles, flowers, feminine detailing, gorgeous flowy dresses and uber cute shorts.  I love that they also throw a few masculine pieces in for that fem/mas contrast that's so popular right now.  Here are some of my favorite pieces and looks

I would have shopstyle'd or polyvore'd these pieces but since H&M doesn't sell online I couldn't.  But you can see what pieces would go with what...I absolutely love love love that blue dress with the ruffled detailing along the sides (comes in that pretty blush color as well) and depending on how long it is would go great with a skinny belt and some cute layered necklaces!! That baggy blue tank with the loud print floral skirt would definitely be a hit and the blush colored dolman top and those blue ruffle shorts - so cute! I think that pleated top dress would be an awesome fit for a spring/early summer wedding and the rest of the items speak for themselves!

And the best part - these pieces are all very budget friendly - almost all of the items are $35 or less
To check out the entire collection click HERE

Have you purchased any of these items? Do you plan on it?

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