Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Missed it

As I'm sure you noticed, we missed Manday yesterday.  Not to worry.  I bring you, Jake Gyllenhaal.  Yesterday's oscar post got me salivating over this cutie pie and I had to feature him so here he is in all his manly-ness.

He's one of those guys who epitomizes style in a suit...look how hot he is

Here he is on the set of his new movie 'Prince of Persia' not that I love that long hair but the body...that's another story

And in Jarhead:

He's one of those 'all american' lookin boys...in some shots he looks very baby faced and in others extremely manly.  I never really thought he was all that hot until he started dating Reese and we saw more and more of him.  Too bad they're splitsville.  Here's one two more for ya's.


  1. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH JAKE G! I just can't seem to quit him (in my best Brokeback Mountain voice)! lol

  2. You know you're hot when you still make women drool while cuddled up amongst another man!

    Well, to be fair that 'other' man is Heath Ledger ;)

    Thanks for reading