Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am so pleased to share this with all of my readers.  A while back you may remember that I talked about Arbonne, an amazing skincare, health and wellness company that I became a part of a few months ago.  Arbonne has been around for 30 years and they the most results driven, pure, safe and beneficial products I've ever tried.   The business end of Arbonne is beyond stellar and the products speak for themself...and Vogue agrees:

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I cannot express how excited I am to be part of this company! To me, anti-aging and preventative aging is so very important.  I've always been told by Aunts, Grandma's and my own mother to 'take care of your skin now'...so that it looks great when I'm older, and I DO! Arbonne carries not only the most renowned anti-aging products out there but a WIDE variety of other products like cosmetics, vitamins, weight management, self tanners, sunscreen, baby products, men's, teen and so much more!

If anyone is interested in trying Arbonne products, getting some free samples or learning more - please feel free to contact me any time.  Leave me a comment with your email.

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